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Thor vs. Loki Chris Hemsworth vs. Tom Hiddleston-Battle of The Leading Men

Chris Hemsworth vs. Tom Hiddleston: Battle of The Leading Men-Thor vs. Loki is on!

As Loki says, “You must be truly desperate to come for me for help.”

No Loki, we’re not desperate, we’re just a bunch of Moms who need a little Romance and Love.

Like with this guy…

And ladies, don’t assume that Thor is just taking this one away! You have to judge the videos below.


Are you in the mood for love? Would you like some Romantic Getaways? Want to see some romance in the air through the art of Battle?

That’s what we do here on Mommy LaDy Club.  We pair up leading men, dreamy romantics we love to Battle off.  The winner goes on to the next round to fight again, until we get to our Final Round and Ultimate romantic winner we love.

We started our games of romance in the Spring of 2011, which ran all the way through 2012, where actor Johnny Depp took the whole thing in Game 1.  Now the art of romance is all in Game 2…

Often, our romantic men come from an actor list, but we’ll include a variety too, like musicians and other personalities.

To keep up on all of this romance, and to vote for your winner, just head over to our Romantic Getaways page. Each pair is listed, and if you don’t see a winner declared, that means you can still vote. Each match up will remain open for voting until the next match up of love begins.

First, meet our hosts, Clint Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant. They watch over and guide us in these romantic endeavors. Most of our contenders did not play our last game, but shall stake their Battles we love now!


Thank you Gentlemen, and thank you for bringing Masculine Back!

Let’s get to know our romantics this time…

About Chris Hemsworth: 

chris hemsworth

Courtesy of

Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. Even though he spent time in the city growing up, he mostly remembers his time spent in the Outback with the crocodiles and buffalo, as his family moved back and forth. He is the middle brother of Liam and Luke.

Liam lost his battle here to Channing Tatum.

Chris broke on the movie scene in Star Trek, which led him to his audition for Thor.  Both he and Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the part, and as we know, Chris Hemsworth got it, and Tom got the part of Loki.

Chris only spent six weeks in the US, and landed his very first role in Ca$h. The director was so impressed with him, that he helped to put him on the fast track to the A-list actors in Hollywood. He has since starred in Snow White & the Huntsman, Red Dawn, and Rush.  He has brought back Thor for his second movie in that role, Thor: The Dark World.  Look for him again in 2015 when The Avengers returns.

About Tom Hiddleston:

Tom Hiddleston

Courtesy of

He was born in 1981 in Westminster, London. He is the middle child with two sisters, and attached himself to acting to avoid the distress of his parents divorcing.

He is most known for his acting role as Loki in the Thor movies as well as The Avengers.  He caught his break from Kenneth Branagh, who got him the Thor audition, because he is tall, blonde and classically trained.  Marvel saw something in him, but Branagh decided he should be cast as Loki. Hiddleston likes to be authentic on screen, and asked Hemsworth to actually hit him in a fight scene to make it look more real.

You may also know him from War Horse, directed by Steven Spielberg and the Deep Blue Sea. Although he has a substantial career in Britain, we’re sure to see more of him and his many talents here in the US.

You can catch his lovely voice narrating the BBC documentary on the Galapagos Island, and you’ll find out by scrolling down that he can dance!

Ready ladies?  Let’s get to the romance and Battle On!  

Here’s how to play.  Please choose your male celebrity winner by giving the winner’s name in the comments.  As mentioned above, voting will continue, and remain open until our next match up begins.  You can find all results of our Game 2: Round 1 Battle of The Leading Men on our Romantic Getaways page.

The catch this time, is that you must weigh the performances in the videos below.

So ladies, whom do you love? What is the romance telling you this time?…

Romantic Chris Hemsworth…Battle Cry Romance: Dancing with the Stars


Romantic Tom Hiddleston…Battle Cry Romance: Dancin’

Please comment for the one you love!

Art of Romance (and dance) We Love: Thor vs. Loki-Chris Hemsworth vs. Tom Hiddleston: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways…

Courtney & Betina


28 thoughts on “Thor vs. Loki Chris Hemsworth vs. Tom Hiddleston-Battle of The Leading Men

  1. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

    I can’t say that I know either of these men but if I had to choose one, I would choose Chris Hemsworth.

  2. Barb W.

    This is way too hard of a choice as they are both brilliant actors and so well cast in their roles as Thor and Loki. I’ll have to go with my original favorite hero, though, Thor…. so Chris Hemsworth wins out.

  3. Gina Valley (@GinaValley)

    They are both great, but I’ve got to go with Chris, because of his Thor role. Gotta love a guy who knows how to handle a magic hammer!

  4. Stacey Loring

    Neither one of them do anything for me. They’re cute, but..I”ve seen better. Actually, my honey looks like a cross between the late JFK Jr. and Patrick Dempsy.

  5. Amy Jones

    My vote definitely goes to Tom! He’s so handsome..and his voice..oh my God. It was love at first sigh the first time I watched Thor

  6. Liz Mays

    I think they’re both awesome. I just saw Chris play a funny part in a movie and I have to give him comedy credit for that!

  7. Claudia Krusch

    i love them both! I had no idea of their history, though! Thank you so much for such a great post! I’m a huge fan!

  8. Rosey

    Ha, I thought I was going to pick Hemsworth because he’s such a hawt Thor, but based on the two dance videos, I’m going with Hiddleston. Ha! he looks like he’d be a blast to hang with (or at least dance with). 🙂

  9. Ana De- Jesus

    Loki everytime and not for looks either. I think he is a more talented, diverse actor and his characterization of Loki is spot on.

  10. Tiffany Hathorn

    Ahhh, this is a tough one! Both are great actors. And so handsome! But I think I will go with Tom Hiddleston for making me feel weird about loving Loki, lol. It takes skill to make the antagonist appealing.

  11. Lisa Rios

    I think they both are quiet great, but my vote is definitely for Chris Hemsworth. He is really handsome & he looks more talented among the two with the characterization.


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