Do you have a Mr. Darcy?
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy
Sometimes, it’s just those small moments that capture your heart, like the way he still looks at you, gets your chair, or stops on his way home for a bag of m&m’s to bring to you at the end of the day.  It could be the words that you don’t have to say–just a look or a kick under the table with a wink, that bond you both together like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy…just meant to be.

Now on to our Mr. Darcy stories…

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“Beth’s Mr. Darcy” from Far From Camelot…


I got married at 20 to my high school sweetheart. We had previously broken up the year before because he felt smothered and didn’t want to be tied down. I was a bit overbearing but I suppose when you’re young and have already discussed your future together, you kinda think it’s going to happen. And it did happen because he came back to me and proposed the right way, by asking my parent’s permission. He did that all on his own, so we thought he was sincere about his promise to me…

Pride & Prejudice:

We prefer this Pride & Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley and Mathew Macfadyen over the A&E Pride & Prejudice version with Colin Firth. Which one and which Mr. Darcy do you like? Tell us in the comments…

mr. darcy

More Mr. Darcy (s)…

I Love Him Because…Her Mr. Darcy by Christy Lee of Insanity Is Not An Option…
My husband is not always (rarely) eloquent.  He doesn’t always do or say the right things.  But every once in awhile, he throws in something that sticks with me forever and I cherish those moments!  
From Across The Room
Her Mr. Darcy By Melissa Souza, Freelance Writer and Owner of Anecdotal Baby…
When we both went away to school I convinced myself we made better friends than lovers. Some years elapsed without communication, but he was always there. I couldn’t shake it. He was always in my thoughts; wondering what he was doing, and if he thought of me. We both lived a lot of life.

From Mama’s Passions Blog, Cassondra Law gives us her Mr. Darcy

Then, third times the charm because I was asked to be Bobby’s girlfriend one last time and if I were to say no, Bobby said he was going to say bye, and he didn’t want to waste his time anymore. LOL.  Well, I said yes because I figured, if it doesn’t work, we’re still very young and we can always just go on with our lives.

My Occasional Romeo
Her Mr. Darcy By Jennifer Nelson, of Just Give It Your Best…

Recently Seth surprised me again with another romantic surprise. This winter, when I decided to pursue my ballet training more seriously, he seemed doubtful. But as I persisted to reach my goals, he supported me in my new infatuation for dancing.
mr. darcy

Mr. Darcy Moments: Things That Matter…


Which Mr. Darcy & Which Pride & Prejudice Movie are Your Favorites?

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romantic getaways
Welcome to…Battle of The Leading Men!
Your Place for Romantic Getaways
Meet our hosts whom I like to call, The Untouchables…Clint Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant. If you’re wondering why these two are our hosts, it’s because “Masculine is Back“.
romantic getaways


Years ago, when we started Mommy LaDy Club here, we did this fun thing called Battle of the Leading Men, where everyone would come and vote on Battles between two leading male celebrities. You can still play below, and read through all the results of each battle in Game I scrolling down…
Here’s how our adventure goes…
 We will pair up Leading Male celebrities to Battle off.  You will have to pick a winner in each battlefield by commenting with your choice of champion in each pair.  

The Winners and each champion of the Battle will move on to the next round, to be paired up again, until we get down to a clash of semi finals and a final epic battle for the Ultimate Leading Male Champion!  Voting by commenting will remain open until a new Battle begins, and the current Battle Winner announced.  We will designate all of the open and closed Winners battles below, so you can keep track…
romantic getaways


Alright, now see all of your Winners, and enjoy your romantic getaways retreat…Battle On!


Game 2 Winners

Round 1 Battles & Winners:


Game 1 Winners



Read About Our Co-Hosts, Winners & Finalists Top Men for Romance
Clint Eastwood
Timothy Olyphant
Robert Downey Jr.
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Depp

Past Winners of Semi Finals Closed:



Robert Downey Jr. vs. Mathew MacFayden…Winner Downey Jr.
Hugh Jackman vs. Sean Connery…Winner Jackman
Johnny Depp vs. Eric Dane…Winner Depp

Round 4 Battles & Winners:

Robert Downey Jr. vs. Mathew Fox…Winner Downey Jr.
Sean Connery vs. Bruce Willis…Winner Connery
Clive Owen vs. Eric Dane…Winner Dane
Hugh Jackman vs. Mathew McConaughey…Winner Jackman
Colin Farrell vs. Johnny Depp…Winner Depp
Mathew MacFadyen vs. Viggo Mortensen…Winner MacFayden

Round 3 Battles & Winners:

Clive Owen vs. Russell Crowe…Winner Owen
Robert Downey Jr. vs. Vince Vaughan…Winner Downey Jr.
Zak Bagans vs. Mathew Fox…Winner Fox
Mathew McConaughey vs. Josh Duhamel…Winner McConaughey
Hugh Jackman vs. Gerard Butler…Winner Jackman
Sean Connery vs. Jude Law…Winner Connery
Bruce Willis vs. Dwayne Johnson…Winner Willis
Colin Farrell vs. Taylor Lautner…Winner Farrell
James Franco vs. Eric Dane…Winner Dane
Johnny Depp vs. David Beckham…Winner Depp

Round 2 Battles & Winners:

Gerard Butler vs. Keanu Reeves Tie-Breaker…Winner Butler
Matthew Fox vs. Christopher Gorham…Winner Fox
Russell Crowe vs. Owen Wilson…Winner Crowe
Bruce Willis vs. Vin Diesel…Winner: Willis
Rob Pattinson(Team Edward) vs. Taylor Lautner(Team Jacob)…Winner: Taylor Lautner(Team Jacob)
Robert Downey Jr. vs. Jason Bateman…Winner: Downey Jr.
Ewan McGregor vs. Mathew MacFadyen…Winner: MacFadyen
Gerard Butler vs. Keanu Reeves…TIED! RE-MATCH SOON!
Vince Vaughan vs. Joel McHale…Winner: Vaughan

Josh Duhamel vs. Raoul Bova…Winner: Duhamel

Dwayne Johnson vs. Bear Grylls…Winner: Johnson

Orlando Bloom vs. Jude Law…Winner: Law

Colin Farell vs. Simon Baker…Winner: Farell

Zak Bagans vs. Luke Wilson TIED! VOTE TO BREAK IT!…Winner: Bagans

Mathew McConaughey vs. Jake Gyllenhaal…Winner: McConaughey

Clive Owen vs. Russell Crowe…Winner: Owen

Richard Armitage vs. Sean Connery…Winner: Connery

James Franco vs. Leonardo DiCapprio…Winner: Franco

Eric Dane vs. Patrick Dempsey…Winner: Dane

Viggo Mortensen vs. Denzel Washington…Winner: Mortensen

Ryan Gossling vs. Johnny Depp…Winner: Depp

Brad Pitt vs. David Beckham…Winner: Beckham

Hugh Jackman vs. Ryan Reynolds…Winner: Jackman

Round 1 Battles & Winners:

Colin Firth vs. Ewan McGregor…Winner: McGregor

Josh Duhamel vs. Matt Bomer(Loser’s Reprisal)…Winner: Duhamel
Keanu Reeves vs. Justin Timberlake(Loser’s Reprisal) TIED! (Re-Match Results)…Winner: Reeves

Gerard Butler(Reprisal) vs. Jensen Ackles…Winner: Butler(Husband Voting Edition)
Eric Dane vs. David Boreanaz RE-MATCH! Shirtless…Winner: Dane(Husband Voting Edition)

Vince Vaughn vs. Will Farrell…Winner: Vaughn(Husband Voting Edition)
Vin Diesel vs. Jason Momoa…Winner: Diesel(Husband Voting Edition)
(Husbands voting alone Winners: Vaughn & Diesel)

Joel McHale vs. Alexander Skarsgard…Winner: McHale
Eric Dane vs. David Boreanaz…Winner: TIED, STAY TUNED FOR A RE-MATCH!

Zak Bagans vs. Jason Hawes…Winner: Bagans
Matt Bomer vs. Christopher Gorham…Winner: Gorham

Dwayne Johnson vs. Jason Statham…Winner: Johnson

Taylor Lautner(Jacob) vs. Jackson Rathbone(Jasper)…Winner: Jacob
Bella Swan vs. Alice Cullen…Winner: Alice

Colin Firth vs. Jude Law RE-MATCH…Winner: Law
Ashton Kutcher vs. Raoul Bova RE-MATCH…Winner: Bova

Keanu Reeves vs. Mathew Fox…Winner: Fox
David Beckham vs. Prince Harry…Winner: Beckham

James Franco vs. Justin Timberlake…Winner: Franco
Ashton Kutcher vs. Raoul Bova…TIED! STAY TUNED FOR A RE-MATCH

Colin Firth vs. Jude Law…TIED! STAY TUNED FOR A RE-MATCH
Viggo Mortensen vs. Eric Bana…Winner: Mortensen

Chris Evans vs. Leonardo DiCaprio Winner: DiCaprio
Michael Fassbender vs. Jason Bateman Winner: Bateman

Henry Cavill vs. Mathew MacFadyen Winner: MacFadyen
Clive Owen vs. Clive Owen Winner: Clive on Ellen
Javier Bardem vs. Vincent Cassel Winner: Bardem
Orlando Bloom vs. Orlando Bloom Winner: Legolas
Josh Charles vs. Simon Baker RE-MATCH! Winner: Baker 
Richard Armitage vs. Richard Armitage Winner: North & South

Luke Wilson vs. Ben Stiller Winner: Wilson
Robert Downey Jr. vs. Paul Rudd Winner: Downey Jr.

Josh Duhamel vs. Orlando Bloom Winner: Bloom

Ewan McGregor vs. Richard Armitage Winner: Armitage
Bear Grylls vs. Jeffrey Donovan Winner: Grylls
Rob Pattinson vs. Kellan Lutz Winner: Pattinson
Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Josh Hartnett Winner: Gyllenhaal

Hugh Grant vs. Owen Wilson Winner: Wilson
Tom Cruise vs. Patrick Dempsey Winner: Dempsey

Gerard Butler vs. Colin Farrell Winner: Farrell
Ryan Gossling vs. James McAvoy Winner: Gossling

John Hamm vs. Clive Owen Winner: Owen
Bruce Willis vs. Richard Gere Winner Willis

Harrison Ford vs. Sean Connery Winner: Connery
Daniel Craig vs. Russell Crowe Winner: Crowe

Johnny Depp vs. Christian Bale Winner: Depp
Will Smith vs. Denzel Washington Winner: Washington

Ryan Reynolds vs. Matt Damon  Winner: Reynolds
Chris Hemsworth vs. Hugh Jackman Winner: Jackman

Brad Pitt vs. George Clooney  Winner: Pitt
Bradley Cooper vs. Mathew McConaughey Winner: McConaughey

Congratulations to all our Winners!

Romantic Getaways on Mommy LaDy Club



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