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Am I a Blog Snob? Is This a Good Thing?

When you first start in business online, it’s harder to make business decisions, because you just don’t know. You’ll hear so many times that you should be blogging for your business, but it’s hard to grasp at first why this can help you so much, until you really start getting into it.  


business decisionsLet’s not get into the plethora of reasons right now why you should be blogging for your business, but just point out a simple and concrete example that all businesses typically address for product promotion online when they make business decisions…Giveaways, or Reviews and Giveaways.


You’ll need them, and you’ll need to know how to make them work for you, and blogging yourself, is the best way to figure that out, because you learn the inside game better to make better business decisions to eventually become a Blog Snob too. It’s OK.


Let’s get to our better business decisions example!

Am I a Blog Snob?…Is This a Good Thing?


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A Business Decision:

During the first couple years of our LaDy LaDuke handmade business, we must have given away close to 100 Feeder Frock nursing covers.


Giveaways on Mom blogs were one of the least expensive ways to get our product in the hands of our potential customers, and when you’re new, you need the most exposure for the least amount of money you can find.


Previously, I wrote about this topic, and overall found giveaways to be very beneficial to our business. I’m still recommending them to any new business, but now I’m taking another look at giveaways with a little more experience under my belt, knowing the time and energy they take, and what to look for in a blogger to make the best business decision.

business decisionsExperience in Blogging Makes for Better Business Decisions


I’m looking at those review/giveaway requests piling up in my e-mail thinking, maybe not this time, and I really don’t have time or energy, and does this blogger have better stats than we do, and am I now a Blog Snob?

Yes…if “Blog Snob” is not coined yet, it is now!


So, what is a Blog Snob?


A Blog Snob is a newly arrived blogger on the scene, who has learned a few tricks, and now thinks she has elevated status.


The nice thing about being a Blog Snob is that you can admit that you are being one, thereby diffusing that snobbish power over you.


Now, back to humble.

The Benefits for Better Business Decisions


There is definitely a benefit to blogging for business, and learning and working in that trade. You can only learn by doing, and to know things that really help you to make business decisions, like how much traffic a site receives, and where to look for that information, and find it.

business decisionsYou Save Time


You’ll spend less wasted time determining your business decision, because you know where to look, and where to go for the right information right off the bat.  

Time and your energy to perform in business mean so much to your success. You have to keep things under control, and more knowledge and experience does this for you, and saves you so much time.

More Knowledge to Make Better Business Decisions


If I’m looking at a site’s media kit for advertising, I at least know what all of those stats mean now, and can gauge if advertising with them is a worthwhile business expense.

You also get a better sense of the community and audience a site may have, because you know things like looking to see if the site has email subscribers, and not just followers who follow, because that’s just what they do all day, or do it because it counts as an entry to win something.

business decisionsInside Perspective for Better Business Decisions


When you’re on the inside, you understand that there will only be a certain percentage of a genuine audience you can reach as a business.  

It’s a bit like getting through to that addicted slot machine player. You can hold your business flyer right in front of her eyes, and she will just continue to pull that lever over and over, and only see the spinning of the game in front of her.


Turn the Tables to Make a Better Decision


Hosting a giveaway can give you that added perspective and understanding for your business decisions.

Actually, the Mom blog and product reviews/giveaways go hand in hand. Both sides need each other, and this is where we should all try to be extra thoughtful.  And that thoughtfulness is what you want to find when you make your business decision.

business decisionsBad Experiences Only Teach You More


I’ve had a few bad experiences with some bloggers doing giveaways, who never thanked me, copied and pasted our product descriptions, and didn’t even link to any of our sites or social media.

This is unfortunately the guilt by association syndrome that spreads like a vicious rumor among businesses, who will then run far away from any of your blogging requests.


There are unfortunately, bloggers who just want the free stuff, and think that by having a blog period, entitles them to it. These are the ones you now know with blogging experience, you can ignore, because they will be a waste of your time.


You’ll know they have no relevancy to offer, and you make your smart business decision to stay away.


This used to be in the back of my mind, when taking that extra time in my day to sew a special Feeder Frock for that special blogger, who wrote to me about how thrilled she was to find us, and that she can help us grow our business, and tell all of her friends.


Not anymore.  Blogging has taught me what to look for, and what to avoid to make the right decisions.


business decisionsWe Are Just People…People in Business, & People Who Make Decisions in How We Treat Each Other


We are just people after all behind these businesses and blogs doing product reviews and giveaways, making business decisions, and spending precious time and energy. If we both keep that in mind, we can still have successful, prosperous relationships.


A promise to perform above and beyond, be thoughtful and appreciate efforts and time as a blogger, results in mutual Blog Snob status for both business and blogger.


This can be a good thing.


Ultimately, it’s going to be a business decision.



business decisionsP.S. Remember that plethora of reasons why you should be blogging for your business?  It’s why we created Club-Content to help you understand, and make it happen for your business…



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