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Top Romantic Men Please–Thank You!


romantic menThese are the Top Men of our Romantic Battles here on Mommy LaDy Club.  You’ll meet our Co-Hosts of our Battle of The Leading Men, the Winner of Game 1 and the Finalists.


If you’d like to play Game 2, just visit our Romantic Getaways page for the current Battle in play, where you can vote for your winner.


Let’s get to our Top Romantic Men…shall we?


clint eastwood

Yes Please and Thank You Clint Eastwood!


Ahhh, there he is with his squint and scowl…the inspiration for the whole crazy thing–our Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaway we have here on Mommy LaDy Club.



Yes, Clint Eastwood is our Co-Host here along with Timothy Olyphant, watching over our Battles of the leading men, and he is at the top, top of the list of all time leading men for sure!  I’m really enjoying these quick bios of our top players and Co-Hosts, because I find out such interesting stories on each of them.



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Did you know that before a career in film, Clint Eastwood served as a lifeguard for the U.S. Army after being drafted for the Korean War at Fort Ord in California?  Interestingly, my husband was stationed at Fort Ord, and it’s where he learned of his Commander in Chief’s assassination during basic training for the U.S Army Training Center Infantry. That Commander in Chief was JFK.


Clint Eastwood was a passenger on a Douglas A-1 Skyraider, an American single seat attack aircraft, while on leave from the Army, and the plane ran out of fuel, and crashed off the coast of Northern California.  He and the pilot escaped from the sinking aircraft, and swam 3 miles to safety.


Clint Eastwood in TV


Clint Eastwood got his start in acting playing Rowdy Yates in Rawhide. He was noticed at Fort Ord by a Rawhide assistant shooting there at the time.  His 6′ 4″ frame stood out, and he eventually got picked up and signed on as a TV actor, even though he was criticized for his poor acting, stiff manner, squinting eyes and hissing through his teeth delivering his lines.


Funny, huh.



Interesting Film Fact…


Eastwood was offered the James Bond role after Sean Connery left, but he turned it down, believing it should be reserved for a British actor.


There are numerous roles in film of course we all know and love, but he stands on his own as one of the few top Hollywood actors to become a critically and commercially successful director with over 30 films under his belt. He’s known for his efficiency in filming time, as he directs thinking like an actor.  He finishes with the first take, and rarely uses storyboards for the layout of the shooting.  He is even known to take over the directing while acting on a film, if he thinks the production is too slow.


Some fun facts on Clint Eastwood:


He has 7 children from 5 different women and married only twice. He is a life-long non-smoker and a vegan. He is an avid golfer and a certified pilot.  My favorite fun fact about him is that he’s a pianist and a composer.


He composed the film scores of J. Edgar, Hereafter, Changeling, Grace Is Gone, Flags of Our Father, Million Dollar Baby & Mystic River  He also performed and wrote the song heard over the credits of Gran Torino.


He loves jazz, but also composes music, like the love theme from Bridges of Madison County…



I hope he doesn’t mind that he inspired, and has been Co-Hosting our Battles here since Spring of 2011.  He will always be special to us.


Clint Eastwood Please and Thank You: Battle of The Leading Men Inspiration!


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timothy olyphant
Courtesy of zimbio.com

Would you like to know a little more about Timothy Olyphant, our other Battle of the Leading Men Top Romantic Man Co-Host?


First, a little background as to why he’s our Top Romantic Man Co-Host:

I’ve always noticed him as an actor, but happened to catch Justified on TV one day, and he just reminds me so much of Clint Eastwood.  
timothy olyphantHe has a presence, mannerisms and style that stand out, the way Clint Eastwood can fill the screen and captivate the audience. These two men with their masculine swagger and grace are at the top of the lot, and were therefore placed as untouchable in our Romantic Getaway Battles we have here. They reside as our Hosts over all other Battles instead.


Timothy David Olyphant was born in 1968 in Honolulu.  He and his family moved to California, where he was raised.  He was a competitive swimmer(I like him even more now!), even nationally ranked in the 200 Individual Medley.  
For swimmers, the ones who can do the Individual Medley are always greatly admired.  It’s hard to master one stroke in swimming, but to be nationally ranked swimming all 4 strokes, you are envied as a multi-skilled and talented athlete.  No wonder he’s so graceful on screen.
In 1995, after first moving to New York to pursue acting, and then moving back to LA, he landed his first TV role pilot as an actor that was actually produced by(how funny is this?) Clint Eastwood.
timothy olyphantI noticed him way back on TV in Sex and the City, but really loved his actor performance in Catch & Release.
One of my all time favorite movies in fact, but you all know I’m a sucker for the romantic stuff. Great movie if you haven’t seen it.

He now is best known as Raylan Givens, the U.S. Marshall on Justified TV. This is where he oozes that squint, scowl and masculinity we all know and love from those great Spaghetti Westerns, but in his own way.
about timothy olyphant


Thank you to this lovely actor, Timothy Olyphant as Co-Host, watching over our little Romantic Getaway and play time escape.


Love Timothy Olyphant


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johnny depp
Courtesy of atop10wallpaper.blogspot.com

Top Romantic Man Game 1 Winner-About Johnny Depp…he made it!


He went up against Hugh Jackman & Robert Downey Jr., and since he came all the way from Spring of 2011 to make it, we’re doing a little feature on each of our very special Game 1 Battle of The Leading Men Finalists.






He’s actually John Christopher Depp II, born in Kentucky in 1963. Interestingly, the name Deppes traces back to the 14th Century French Huguenots living in England–the same as Betina’s and my maiden name, LaDuke and my married name, Gillard.  


I always like to say that we Huguenots must have had some nimble and agile ancestors to not get killed by the Catholics, and be here today.


Johnny Depp’s great-grandmother was either Cherokee or Creek Native American. He is the youngest of 4 siblings, and his parents divorced when he was 15.  The divorce was hard on him, as the family ended up moving more than 20 times, but finally settled in Florida and his mother re-married.  


He got into music first before becoming and actor, and dropped out of High School to become a rock musician.  This led to meeting Nicolas Cage, who suggested he become an actor.


I remember him in his very first role as an actor, Nightmare on Elm Street. That was such a hit when I was in High School.  You could not fall asleep or Freddy Krueger would get you!…


Of course, he went on to star as an actor in 21 Jump Street as a teen idol–what he is still known for to many today, and obviously Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean movie.  I really liked him in Don Juan DeMarco and Sleepy Hollow…




Johnny Depp is another extremely talented and versatile actor, who went up against some really tough competition in Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman.



What do you think ladies?  Is Johnny Depp deserving?


romantic men


You can catch all of our new Game 2 Battles, and vote for your winners on our Romantic Getaways page. 


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Top Romantic Man Finalist-About Hugh Jackman:


hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman is in!


He battled against Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. Let’s get to know our very special Finalist more.




Everyone knows Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine in X-Men, but I especially like him in the romantic leads as an actor.  One of my favorite movies, that I still love to catch on TV, and sit through it over and over, because it’s so cute is Kate & Leopold. If you haven’t figured out here that Betina and I are a couple of sappy romantics with our Mr. Darcy page, well you know now.


There is a scene in Kate & Leopold where Leopold makes Kate breakfast, and she has never had a man fuss over her like that, and it makes her cry.  Hugh Jackman is so believable as the Victorian English Duke, who gets transported in time to modern day New York to meet Kate…




Pretty good that he can do this, be very animal-like as Wolverine, plus he can dance…and dance well!



He’s right up there with Robert Downey Jr. on his talent and versatility as an actor.


Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, Australia in 1968.  His parents are British, and moved to Australia in 1967 as part of a Government immigration program of populating Australia.


Jackman attended early school in Australia, and finished his BA in Communications at the University of Technology in Sydney. It was after his graduation and at the age of 22, that he first realized his hobby of acting, and to be an actor, and that theatre could be something he could do for a living.


He said that when he started at the drama school, the acting just wasn’t coming to him.  He didn’t feel like a natural actor like everyone else in class.  This is what pushed him to work very hard at all of his auditions, and why he is where he is today.



hugh jackman

What do you think ladies?  Is he your winner instead?


About Hugh Jackman: Battle of The Leading Men Game 1 Finalist. Get more on our Romantic Getaways page.


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robert downey jr.
Courtesy of www.listal.com


Top Romantic Man Finalist-About Robert Downey Jr.:


Battle of The Leading Men Game 1 Romantic Getaway Finalist…


Robert Downey Jr. is just so, you know…





To me, Robert Downey Jr. always brings back my 80’s memories of him being a part of the Brat Pack in movies like Less than Zero and The Pick Up Artist.  He then really caught my attention in Chaplin…




He’s quite an actor, and the reason why he can handle all of that physical comedy, is because he studied classical ballet at the age of 10 in England, as well as performing arts as a teenager.


He’s one of those actors, who can really become someone else on screen even though we all know him very well, or think we know him.  To me, that is an actor, where I can be fooled and convinced of a genuine person or character.


If you think about his real life history, and how we all know about his drug addiction, imprisonment and problems, his ability as an actor is even more amazing, because he’s so convincing and so likable. You would think all of that would be first and foremost in your mind, but it never is.


I like that he is so honest and open about all of that. 


We all know now that he was the perfect casting for Iron Man and Avengers, because that is how he’s known the most these days, and he is just so cool in that role.  I actually think he is rather fantastic as Sherlock Holmes…



Such a clever take, and thoroughly entertaining.


Robert Downey Jr. was born in Manhattan, New York in 1965, and has an older sister. His ancestry is Russian Jewish, Irish Catholic, and Scottish, German and Swiss.  He made is acting debut at the age of 5, playing a sick puppy in “Pound”.  When his parents divorced, he moved to California with his father, but dropped out of High School there, to return to New York to pursue his acting career.



robert downey jr.

What do you think ladies?  Should he have won?


Read on all of our Battle Contenders, Semi-Finalists and Finalists on our Romantic Getaways page.


Love Robert Downey Jr.


And love to all of our Top Romantic Men of Game 1.  We look forward to meeting more from Game 2!


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romantic menTop Romantic Men


How do they fall in line for you? Let us know in the comments, and go play Game 2!


Courtney & Betina


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  1. Lisa Weinstein

    I can’t imagine Clint Eastwood as James Bond! My vote out of all of the men you profiled??? Hugh Jackman, without a doubt!

  2. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

    I’ve always loved Clint Eastwood, but I can’t imagine him as James Bond. Sean Connery was a much better pick. I love Hugh Jackman too. Such a versatile actor and how he talks about his wife makes him so much sexier.

  3. small kucing

    Johnny Depp???? No for me.

    I think Hugh Jackman…he got a killer smile. Just look at the dimples.oooooohhhhhhh…. cute

    1. C&B~MommyLaDyClub Post author

      Hey, someone else who doesn’t like Johnny Depp! I thought I was the only one. I really thought Hugh was going to win, but I picked Robert Downey in the end.

  4. Elizabeth O.

    Why is it that it’s so difficult to vote! But it’s awesome that people were able to decide which men they feel deserves the title and which are just second best! Lol. Fun game!

  5. Colette S

    I love that Clint made the top list. He is quite a man and I love what he says about the Bond Movies for British actors. I would agree.
    Very nice list.


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