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Love Spells from The Brits: Andrew Garfield vs. Theo James

Andrew Garfield vs. Theo James: Battle of The Leading Men-Love Spells from The Brits are cast!

The British are coming, and that’s fine by us!

They can cast their magic love spells on us anytime.

Like with these guys…

And ladies, if you don’t know these bewitching Brits in our Battle here today, you can get to know their ways of magic below.

love spellsNow…

Are you in the mood for love? Would you like some Romantic Getaways? Want to feel the love spells wash over you through the art of Battle?

That’s what we do here on Mommy LaDy Club. We pair up leading men to Battle off, and cast their love spells. The winner goes on to the next round to fight again, until we get to our Final Round and Ultimate love spell winner.

We started our games of magic and romance in the Spring of 2011, which ran all the way through 2012, where actor Johnny Depp took the whole thing in Game 1.  Now the love spells are conjured for the magic all in Game 2…

Often, our love spell romantic men come from an actor list, but we’ll include a variety too, like musicians and other personalities.

To keep up on all of this magic spell, and to vote for your winner, just head over to our Romantic Getaways page. Each pair is listed, and if you don’t see a winner declared, that means you can still vote. Each match up will remain open for voting until the next spell of love begins.

First, meet our hosts, Clint Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant. They watch over and guide us in these romantic spells of magic. Most of our contenders did not play our last game, but shall stake their Battles we love now!


Thank you Gentlemen, and thank you for bringing the magic of Masculine Back!

Let’s get to know these Brits casting their love spells this time…

Love Spell Magic-About Andrew Garfield: 

love spellsCourtesy of

Andrew Russell Garfield was actually born in Los Angeles in 1983, but raised in Surrey. He has dual citizenship in the United States and United Kingdom. Even though he originally intended to study business when he grew up, perhaps his training in gymnastics and swimming spawned a desire for performance and theatre. He did use these skills preparing for his role as Spider Man.

His middle class family is composed of parents who ran a small interior design business, while his Mom taught at a nursery school, and his Dad coached at a swim club.  Andrew’s older brother is a Doctor.

Andrew started acting at the age of twelve on stage, and made his British TV debut in a teen drama called, Sugar Rush. He then really caught everyone’s attention when he appeared in Dr. Who.

More roles came working with Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, and in 2008 he won a Best Actor British Academy Television Award for playing a killer in, A Boy. This put him on the map, which led to landing the roles for which we most know him today…playing Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network and of course, Spider Man-Peter Parker. He is set to reprise this role in 2014.

If you think this Brit is cute now, just give him about ten more years;)

Love Spell Magic-About Theo James:

love spellsCourtesy of

He was born in 1984 in Oxford. He is the youngest of five children with two brothers and two sisters.

He is most known for his acting role as Jed Harper in Bedlam, as well as The Underworld: Awakening 2012 release.  You might also recognize him from Downtown Abbey, where he played a Turkish Diplomat.

Outside of acting he is also a singer and a guitarist for a band in London. Although he is still relatively new here in the US, his recent starring role in Divergent has caught people’s attention.

This science fiction action film based on the novel released in March of 2014 is just the first installment, and its producers believe Theo is the perfect casting for the character of Four.

We will likely see more of this lovely Brit.

love spellsReady ladies?  Let’s get dizzy on some British Love Spells, and Battle On!  

Here’s how to play.  Please choose your winner by giving the winner’s name in the comments.  As mentioned above, voting will continue, and remain open until our next love spell begins.  You can find all results of our Game 2 Magic: Round 1 Battle of The Leading Men on our Romantic Getaways page.

So ladies, which magic do you prefer? Which of these love spells are you under?…

Love Spell Magic-Andrew Garfield…Battle Cry Spells: Spider Man


Love Spell Magic-Theo James…Battle Cry Spells: Divergent

Please comment for the one who casts the greatest spell!

love spellsThe Brits and their Love Spells of Magic we love: Andrew Garfield vs. Theo James: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways…

Courtney & Betina


9 thoughts on “Love Spells from The Brits: Andrew Garfield vs. Theo James

    1. Emma

      Did u watch the video of Theo doing the stunt scenes?! And Andrew is a past gymnast, he asked to do most his stunts on the Spider-Man set.

  1. Dominique Goh

    Those are really handsome looking actors. I’m not really into watching English movies as Korean Drama are my favourite now.

  2. Rosey

    I’m going with Theo James. I don’t know any of those shows you mentioned (last person alive not to have seen Downtown Abbey, I know), but he’s a beauty.

    Not to impugn Spiderman, I loves-me-a-good-Spiderman movie, but that other guy’s got my vote today. 🙂


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