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Henry Cavill vs.Ben Affleck: Superman vs. Batman-Battle of The Leading Men

Ben Affleck vs. Henry Cavill: Battle of The Leading Men-Batman vs. Superman is on!

male celebritiesAre you in the mood for love? Would you like some Romantic Getaways? Want to see celebrity men Battle?

That’s what we do here on Mommy LaDy Club.  We pair up leading men, male celebrities we love to Battle off.  The winner goes on to the next round to fight celebrities again, until we get to our Final Round and Ultimate celebrity male winner.

We started our male celebrities games in the Spring of 2011, which ran all the way through 2012, where actor Johnny Depp took the whole thing in Game 1.  Now our male celebrities are playing Game 2…

Often, our celebrity men come from an actor list, but we’ll include a variety too, like men musicians and other personalities.

To keep up on all of our male celebrities, and to vote for your winner, just head over to our Romantic Getaways page. Each pair is listed, and if you don’t see a winner declared, that means you can still vote for your celebrities. Each match up will remain open for voting until the next match up begins, like now with these men…Batman vs. Superman-Ben Affleck vs. Henry Cavill.

First, meet our hosts, Clint Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant–the celebrity men we love the most. They watched over, and guided us through Game 1, and now we shall play Game 2. Most of our new celebrity men did not play our last game, but shall view their Battles now!

Thank you Gentlemen, and thank you for bringing Masculine Back!

Let’s get to know our leading male celebrities this time…

About Ben Affleck: 

ben affleck

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Ben Affleck was born in 1972 in Berkeley, California. His family then moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, at a very young age, and then his parents divorced. Ben, as we know from his movie career is friends with Matt Damon, and he met Damon when he was eight and Matt was ten. They lived just two blocks away from each other. Damon is Affleck’s tenth cousin once removed from a common ancestor in New England.  They attended school together.

He attended college, but then dropped out to pursue an acting career. He did receive and honorary doctorate from Brown University. He is married to Jennifer Garner, and they have two daughters and a son together. Previously in dating, Ben became the half of the famous “Bennifer” couple while dating Jennifer Lopez.

Good Will Hunting put him on the map, and led to a substantial movie career. He is not only an actor, but a critically acclaimed director and screenplay writer.  He both directed and starred in The Town and Argo. He is most recently known for landing the role of the upcoming Batman movie and sequel to Man of Steel.  Right now they are calling it Batman vs. Superman.

Many seem to get upset about Ben landing the role of Batman, but we think he’ll probably handle it very well;)

About Henry Cavill:

henry cavill

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He was born in 1983 on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. His mother worked as a secretary at a British bank, and his father was a stockbroker.

He is most known for his acting role in the Showtime series, The Tudors as the 1st Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon, next to Henry VIII.  He landed many supporting roles early on like, Red Riding Hood and Tristan and Isolde, but didn’t really get on the map until playing Charles Brandon, when The Tudors won an Emmy award.  Cavill said that it bolstered his career with Americans, and Entertainment Weekly named him the “Most Dashing Duke”.

His biggest breakthrough was landing the role of Clark Kent in Man of Steel, which will lead him to co-starring with Affleck in Batman vs. Superman.

Many fans wanted him to play the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, but the role fell to Rob Pattinson. Even Stephenie Meyer, famous Twilight author wanted Cavill for Edward’s role.  He almost beat out Daniel Craig for James bond too.

Ready ladies?  Let’s Battle On!  

Here’s how to play.  Please choose your male celebrity winner by giving the winner’s name in the comments.  As mentioned above, voting will continue, and remain open until our next match up and set of celebrities begins.  You can find all results of our Game 2: Round 1 Battle of The Leading Men on our Romantic Getaways page.

So ladies, whom do you love? Which celebrity male shall it be to move on?…

Male Celebrity Ben Affleck…Battle Cry: Batman


Male Celebrity Henry Cavill…Battle Cry: Superman

Please comment your male celebrity winner!

male celebritiesMale Celebrities We Love: Ben Affleck vs. Henry Cavill-Batman vs. Superman: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways…

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6 thoughts on “Henry Cavill vs.Ben Affleck: Superman vs. Batman-Battle of The Leading Men

  1. r

    That’s a great picture of Henry Cavill. I’m going to have to go with Ben Affleck though, I like tons about him, I especially love that he seems to be such a great family man. 🙂

  2. Gina Valley (@GinaValley)

    Well, I don’t know Henry, although I’m sure he’s wonderful guy, so I’m going to have to go with Ben.

  3. Lexie Lane

    I watched Tudors from the moment it came out because of Henry Cavill but I always love guys with something upstairs. I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan so Ben is my man!


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