how to etsy

How to Etsy

It’s Fall, and time to browse through Etsy Shops to discover those who really know How To Etsy!

I always like to go through the artists I’ve favorited in the past, and see if they are still there and doing well.  It’s so nice to discover that my fellow Etsy entrepreneurs are alive and still kickin’.

Etsy holds a special status in this modern marketplace of high volume-cheap labor competition. It’s not so easy to bring items to market that come handmade directly from an unknown designer’s hands, and sell it at a higher price based on a very different standard of cost and labor.

It’s a given that you’ll pay more for Jimmy Choo or Ralph Lauren items, because of their established name brands, but the Etsy entrepreneur brings every bit of skill and expertise as the top designers, but doesn’t have the advantage of cheap labor.  To make it on Etsy means you are talented and savvy, and you did it handmade, with just your two hands.

These special favorite finds and handmade items are dedicated to those who know How to Etsy.  Here’s to finding more and more all of the time!…

how to etsy

Favorite By Our Little Daisy: Handmade Big Pocket Dress 

Simple, sweet and in the pink.


cacti ceramic tile

Favorite By ElementClayStudio: Handmade Cacti Textured Ceramic Porcelain Wall Tile

Handformed, sumptuous modern decor


how to etsy

Favorite By lilianasterfield: Handmade Greek Champagne Silk Catherine Scarf

Hand ruffled, hand stitched and carefully curated 


driftwood chandelier

Favorite By MarzaShop: Handmade Driftwood Hanging Light Chandelier

Soulful, textured and character driven


how to etsy

Favorite By Giardinoblu: Handmade Necklace-Brooch Made of Rice

Unexpected, smart…chic


ram sculptureFavorite By showshonasnow: Handmade Modern Porcelain Carved Ram Goat Sculpture Vase

Dramatic, detailed, distinguished

how to etsy

Favorite By chapulin: Handmade Fabric Business Card Holder

Practical, functional and cool

…And that’s How to Etsy…for now until more items to favorite on Etsy!


9 thoughts on “How to Etsy

  1. Rosey

    These are all good features and that big pocket dress would be perfect for steaming hot days (which are a’coming!).

  2. gina valley

    The skill and creativity I find on Etsy never fails to amaze me.
    I wish I had the time and talent to learn how to make some of their amazing creations.

  3. Perspective Parenting

    Wow! A unique and beautiful sampling. I too, am inspired and am in love with the talents found on Etsy. I am drawn to the sculptured goat vase!

  4. Christy

    I have thought about creating a Etsy shop to sell my crochet pieces, but I don’t have much in my inventory and some of my work takes a few weeks to make so I am not sure how that would work out.

  5. Regina

    I like what was done with the silk scarf. I thought it was a tie turned into something. Such creative designs and items.


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