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17 Best Blogger Content Tips

Want to produce epic content to be the best blogger you can be?

Here are 17 best blogger content tips to take you to that next blogger level!…

writing contentBlogger 1)You Might Hate the Saying, But Content Is Still King

-The Evolution of Search Engines for a Blogger

For many years Google and other search engines have worked towards making their search results pull up better and better results. Google has proven this repeatedly by continually downgrading the importance of low-quality links and upgrading the importance of usage statistics and other metrics to actually measure the content of a website.

As search engines get smarter, marketers who focus primarily on marketing tactics rather than actual content will die away.

If you build your blog around great content while having a decent understanding of basic SEO, your blog will flourish.

-Best Blogger Content Builds Loyalty

Blogs and businesses aren’t built on first-time visitors. They make money from people who’ve read their content or post, and then decided it was good enough that they either want to purchase again, or subscribe to a subscription.

Many make the mistake of focusing on optimizing ttheir writing for search engines so they get more new customers or readers, instead of focusing on repeat visitors.

The really famous and successful blogs still get most of their traffic from repeat visitors. Yes, search engines love them, but their businesses would be a fraction of what they are today if they didn’t have great content.

In the long run, only content that really helps people is going to succeed. Content that doesn’t do so is likely to get downgraded more and more as time passes.

writing contentBlogger 2)Design Tips for Content Websites or A Blog

-Reduce Your Blogger Ads

Yes, you need to make money. However, crowding your page with advertisements really isn’t great design. In fact, a study of several hundred thousand blogs showed that statistically, having more ads on your blog means you’re slightly less likely to rank well than other sites with fewer ads.

Your ads should integrate well with your website in general. The ads should be relevant, and placed strategically to get your user’s attention without being intrusive.

-Just One or Two Images per Blogger Page

Having high quality, professional photos on your page can really add to the aesthetics of your blog. However, crowding your page with graphics makes it look very unprofessional. Try to have just one or two carefully chosen images per page.

-A Stellar Blogger Header Graphic

Your header graphic is one of the most important elements of what your blog looks like. After all, it’ll be on the top of every page visitors go to, affecting their overall experience.

If you’re not a professional designer and you’re doing your blog yourself, this is perhaps the one area where you should consider hiring someone professional to do it for you. Your header graphic should contain just one or two graphical elements and just one or two text elements.

-A Coordinated Blogger Color Scheme

The goal of your design shouldn’t be to bring attention to your design, but to create a positive framework for visitors to consume your content or post.

writing contentBlogger 3)Reach Readers within 15 Seconds

-Stop Blogger!…Before You Write

Does your overall website and blog convey a benefit to the reader? Does your header just state your name, “Karen’s Blog”? Chances are readers aren’t going to get a sense of what they could get from your site. On the other hand, if your header reads “SEO Tips from a 10 Year Veteran”, they get it.

-Writing Your Blogger Headline

People who read your headline should instantly be able to tell exactly what your content is about. It should hammer home the benefit, and get them excited to learn more.

-Use Blogger Graphics Right

Make sure you also take advantage of the space right beneath an image. Research has shown that captions underneath images are some of the most read parts of any blog.

-Use the Opening Blogger Paragraph Writing Wisely

The first paragraph should start out with a strong “hook” sentence. Then the next 3-4 sentences should explain exactly what they’ll get from reading the rest of your post.

writing contentBlogger 4)Finding Your Voice as a Content Marketer

-Start with Blogger Passion

If you love health and fitness, get into the health and fitness field. If you love crocheting, get into the crocheting field. Ask yourself: What’s a topic that you could talk about then blog about for hours and hours on end?

-Be a Self-Expressed Blogger 

Try writing without censorship. Don’t worry about grammatical correctness or political correctness. If you’re speaking from your real voice, you’re probably going to turn some  off. However, you’ll also really attract the kinds of readers you should be attracting.

People who have strong voices are polarizing, but that’s how real followings are built. Seldom is a following built from those who try to please everyone.

-Think About Impact as a Blogger 

When you’re writing content, try to write as if you were speaking to a friend. Writing naturally, and in a casual yet self-expressed and passionate manner is key.

When you’re writing best blogger content, ask yourself: Whom are you trying to help with this content? How would you like their lives to change as a result of you writing this content or post for them?

If you really want to help people, they’ll sense it.

writing contentBlogger 5)Find Great Content Like Newspapers & Magazines Do

-Interview Real Experts as a Blogger

Journalists will actually call up well-known experts to ask for their opinions, instead of looking through sites.

-Use Books and Offline Publications as a Blogger 

A good source of information are written books and other publications, especially academic papers, research papers or official studies. By looking up studies and books written by experts in the field, you can get a much more in-depth look into subjects that you just wouldn’t get from browsing internet websites.

-Talk to The Public at Large as a Blogger

Talking to just a handful of every day people on a topic, can give you more insight rather than reading a dozen articles online.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll be able to create content that’ll blow your competition away.

writing contentBlogger 6)The Basics of Good Content and Article Structure

-The Blogger Introduction

The first sentence of any post needs to be carefully crafted to catch attention. Readers should instantly be able to grasp what the gist of the article is just by reading the first sentence. Likewise, the first paragraph should elaborate on the first sentence and get them interested in reading the rest of the content.

-Let Blogger Readers Know What to Expect

Before jumping into the meat of the content, let them know what to expect in the rest of the content. This can be as detailed as “we’ll cover X, Y and Z” to as simple as, “here’s how to do X.” The most important thing is to prepare visitors to receive whatever you’re about to discuss.

-Main Blogger Talking Points

Go through each of your talking points one by one, and make sure to separate your content into easily digestible chunks. Don’t write a 500-word article from top to bottom, but break it up into subsections and subheadings or bullet points and paragraphs.

Phrase as much of your content in “what’s in it for you” terms. Readers should feel like you’re speaking directly to them. It often helps to present a few different solutions, angles or opinions in your main points.

Give examples. Examples help take something that’s theoretical, and turn it into something more concrete. People are much more likely to remember an example demonstrating a principle than just the theory.

-The Blogger Conclusion

The conclusion should sum up everything you just wrote about, plus perhaps reiterate the most important point. Sometimes it’s best to leave with a concrete piece of action readers can immediately take at the end, and apply further.  At other times, the conclusion just wraps up the whole post nicely.

If you’re selling a product, the conclusion is where you want to put your call to action. Tell people exactly what it is you want them to do. Be assertive and make sure to recap all the main benefits to them taking action now, rather than later.

writing contentBlogger 7)User Generated Content

-Blogger, What Is User Generated Content?

User generated content is any content that’s generated by the user base, and not by content creators of the company or blog owner. High profile examples include Wikipedia and YouTube.

-Blogger, Give People a Place to Express Something They Want to Express

It’s very hard to create desire. Trying to get someone to want something they don’t already naturally want is very hard. On the other hand, giving someone an avenue to talk about things they already want to talk about, can be a great shortcut to amassing a ton of user generated content.

YouTube exemplifies this principle. YouTube didn’t create the desire for people to share videos, they just made that desire possible through the internet.

What do your users already want to talk about, that they’re not able to talk about yet?

-Blogger, Make Them Feel Like They’re Part of Something

A sense of community and purpose can go a long way towards inspiring content generation. A forum for example, often thrives when there’s a sense of people helping each other. They are more inspired to post their success stories, and help others in their hardships. On the other hand, forums where there’s animosity and lack of community tend to die down over time.

Wikipedia also does this really well. Participants feel like they’re part of a larger purpose, and that their time put into generating content is for a good cause.

-Blogger, Make It Fun

Don’t make it feel like work to generate content. Instead, make it like a fun contest for example.

writing contentBlogger 8)A Best Blogger Uses Reader/Customer Feedback

Why not try asking your readers? After all, at the end of the day it’s their opinion that really matters.

-Blogger, Ask through Direct Email

One great way to ask for feedback is to just ask by email. If you have a list of readers, buyers or customers, just send out an email asking if they have any feedback. If they get the sense that you’re really trying to help them by offering better content, they’ll be very willing to help you out.

-Blogger, Use Surveys to Ask for Opinions

Surveys can be a lot more involved, where you ask readers or customers several questions, and get a lot of useful feedback.  Because surveys take more time to answer, usually you’ll need to create some sort of prize or incentive to get participants interested.

Once you have your feedback, use it!  If you do the feedback process well, you should have a very good idea of exactly what your readers or customers want to know. If you provide that information for them now and consistently in the future, you’ll have loyal readers for life.

Blogger 9)Why Your Content or Post Should Pack an Emotional Punch

best blogger

-Blogger, Have People Remember You

They browse hundreds of websites every day. Most websites fail to draw their readers in emotionally.

How many websites do you visit each day that get you to laugh, get you to feel touched, or get you to get angry about something? How often do you feel like a website is talking directly to you and your problems, and that they understand where you’re coming from?

These kinds of websites stand out. They make people feel something, and that’s memorable.

-Get More Links, Blogger

Content that evokes a lot of emotion tends to get linked to a lot more. Naturally, people are a lot more likely to want to share or endorse something that really got them riled up. It has a higher chance of getting passed around immediately, but also has much stronger long-term potential.

-Blogger, Accomplish Conversation and Develop Your Voice

Not only will you engage in more conversation with your readers when you write emotionally, but you’ll develop your voice and style at the same time. Having conversation, style and being easy to read are 3 pillars of great website content.

-Develop a Stronger Reader Relationship, Blogger

Emotional content will help you build a much stronger bond with your readers, because people reading your content will feel like they can relate with you. This translates to people coming back more often. As an added benefit, people will want to partner with you more.

writing contentBlogger 10)How to Write When You’re Not a Writer

The simplest method to use when you’re writing your online content is to spend a few minutes creating the structure for your article. Write a rough headline and subheadings, and fill in the content. Write it as if you’re writing a letter to a friend. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling on the first draft. You can go back and edit for clarity later.

Once you have your thoughts down on paper, then polish. Add your keywords to optimize for the search engines, and publish it. Finally, test and track your article and content to evaluate what content your readers respond to.

The content on your website doesn’t need to appeal to a broad audience. It also doesn’t need to be on a broad topic. Your content will be quite specific, and the information is already inside of you.

Blogger 11)Tips for Planning Your Content or Post

-Blogger content planning involves a few primary criteria:

* When will you publish the content?
* Where will you publish it?
* What will you write about?
* What’s the purpose of the content?
* What are your keywords?
* How can you repurpose the content?

-If you don’t plan your Blogger content, or are struggling to plan it effectively, consider the following tips:

* Use a calendar that gives you a big picture and you can write on.

* Plan how you’ll integrate your content into your marketing strategy.

*Ensure it supports any new products or services.

*Make sure your content has a purpose.

* Leave room for change.

*Don’t forget to take a look at how you can re-purpose your content.

*Make sure you’re looking at both the macro and micro picture.

writing contentBlogger 12)Creating a Productive Writing Environment

#1 Eliminate all Blogger distractions including Facebook, email, phone, etc.

#2 Clear the Blogger clutter. Clutter on the desktop creates clutter in your mind.

#3 What do you need to write, Blogger?  Before you sit down to write, make sure you have everything you need.

#4 Do not disturb Blogger please. If you work from home, then try to set boundaries.

#5 Blogger, surround yourself with inspiration. Writing is a creative process.

Some ideas for inspiring items include:

* Plants
* Photos
* Books (especially books on your niche topic)

#6 Set Blogger goals for your content and your writing time, and set a timer.

Blogger 13)Does Your Content Have a Purpose?

-Potential Blogger Content Purposes

* To drive traffic to a web page
* To increase SEO
* To drive traffic to a sales page
* To generate affiliate income
* To boost credibility and authority
* To motivate a response/comments/links
* Collect opt-ins

-Making the Blogger Decision

If you don’t plan your content at all, consider starting a new practice. Planning your content helps you make the most of your efforts. When you plan your content you’ll likely determine the keywords and the topic. You’ll also decide when you’re going to publish it and where.

-How to Include Your Blogger Purpose in Your Content

Every piece of content needs to have some sort of call to action. Take a look at the content you have planned for the next week or month. Does each piece have a purpose? Do you have a call to action? Is your content part of your overall blog or business growth strategy? If not, make some quick writing changes and start reaping the rewards.

writing contentBlogger 14)Five Ways to Find Great Blog Post and Post Topics

#1 Grab any magazine from your Blogger coffee table, and take a look at the cover. Write down the headlines as they appear. Once you’ve written down the headlines, replace the keywords with your own, and fill in the blanks. If there are ten headlines on the cover of your magazine, you now have ten articles or blog posts you can write.

#2 Jump on a social networking site of choice and read posts in your Blogger niche. You may take issue or disagree with something someone said. That’s a perfect blog post. You may think that a topic needs to be expanded upon. You may read a comment that is the foundation of an article. Social networking sites are packed with content ideas.

#3 Read your own Blogger blog and review the comments. Skim past the ones that say “Thanks for sharing.”(the worst, right?) Those don’t offer any value to you. Instead, look for the questions or the meaty comments. Those are ideal for inspiring content ideas.

#4 Read your Blogger forum and blog comments on other sites. Often these comments are enough to be a blog post all by themselves. Just polish it up and format it for the web, and you’re good to go.

#5 Make a Blogger list. Lists are easy to make and they’re well received online. If you’re struggling to find blog post ideas, write down three to five list ideas and tackle them one by one.

Blogger 15)How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Content

#1 Ask for it, Blogger. Here are just a few questions or calls to action you can include at the end of your piece:

* What’s your experience?
* Do you have any advice on?
* What do you think?
* Have you ever…?
* What’s your favorite?
* Do you remember when…?

#2 Respond to Blogger comments. If you want to motivate more readers to chime in and offer their opinion, insight and comments, then always make time to respond to comments.

#3 Spark a Blogger controversy or discussion by presenting a potentially heated topic,  but take care here. If controversy doesn’t fit your brand or personality, then consider publishing a newsworthy post or content.

#4 Share a Blogger picture or vide0. We’re visual people. When we see a picture that makes us laugh, smile, cry or get angry, we are motivated to comment on it.

#5 Share a Blogger personal story. Within the body of your blog post, share a story. Take time to share something personal that relates to the material of your post.

writing contentBlogger 16)How to Get Over Writer’s Block

#1 Push through it, Blogger. Many times writer’s block is caused by a lack of motivation. The best way to manage this type of writer’s block is to just push through it. Start with the easiest writing task…perhaps outlining your content first, writing just a paragraph or a rough draft. Taking baby steps helps you find a little motivation, and sometimes that’s all you need.

#2 Seek inspiration, Blogger. Perhaps you don’t know what to write about or you’re feeling uninspired. There are many fun ways to move past this type of Blogger writer’s block.

* Go for a walk and clear your Blogger head. You will likely have a great idea come to mind while you’re away from your computer.

* Listen to music or do something fun, Blogger. Most often inspiration is lacking because you’re not feeling creative. Listening to music can tap into your creative side quickly.

* Read, Blogger. Visit other relevant blogs. Read the news. Read a magazine. There are inspiring content ideas everywhere.

#3 Change your Blogger environment. It’s easy to get into a rut. When you change your routine it can pop you right out of writer’s block. Consider writing in a different room, at a different time of day or even at a different location.

#4 Blogger, write backwards. Instead of starting at the top and working your way through your article, start at the bottom. Write your call to action. Summarize your article. Then work your way backwards through the post.

#5 Close your Blogger computer! Grab a pen and paper and write the old-fashioned way.

#6 Consider Blogger writing rituals. Rituals can help you set the mood. They help you turn your writing brain on and everything else off. Rituals range from a cup of coffee to set your outline, to a quick walk around the block. In fact, a shot of caffeine, a breath of fresh air and outlining are three of the most effective writing rituals you can have!

Blogger 17)Ideas and Tips to Re-purpose and Re-use Your Post Content

#1 Build it up, Blogger. Gather articles that fit together nicely and create a report. You’ll want to add an introduction and a conclusion. You may also need to add some transitions and polish the content to fit a cohesive theme. To monetize the content, consider adding affiliate links where appropriate. You can also include the occasional product or service promotion for your own business.

#2 Break it down, Blogger. If you have existing reports, then they’re perfect to create a post or many posts. You have many options here, too. You can simply pull apart segments of the report to create articles. Add an introduction and conclusion paragraph and you’re ready to publish. Or you can take it further and create lists and other information-packed articles.

#3 Re-publish old Blogger content with updates. The world moves quickly, and most industries grow and change regularly. Take a look at your “evergreen” articles and blog posts. How can you refresh them with an updated post?

#4 Partition e-books, Blogger. You can break e-books down into reports, articles or blog posts. In fact, you can get quite a lot of content from an e-book. Take a look at the e-books you’ve purchased or written, and brainstorm post ideas.

#5 Group reports, Blogger. If you’re looking to create a new information product, consider grouping them to create an e-book. You’ll want to organize the reports in a logical manner, and add an introduction as well as a conclusion. Transitions will be necessary,  and you can add some graphics. Also add checklists, worksheets and lists to add value to your e-books, writing and reports for extra value.

writing contentThere you have it…17 Best Blogger Content Tips!

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