The One Piece Makeover…Wall Art

wall art
Wall Art…


Welcome to our One Piece Makeover Series!  This is where we get inspiration from a single item that we place in a room in our home to spark a design evolution function over time, instead of an expensive, complete makeover at once.  We previously touched on the living room, and had a wonderful interview with Becky Jane, author of Rise Above Your Limits, who transformed her home from the inspiration of a single blue and white willow ware vase.
Now, let’s try some wall art!  Placing wall art in your home can be one of the simplest jobs really, but it can have such an impact on the feel and function of your room.  It really can be defining.
You might think you have to be a hunter to place an animal head over a console table or bed or on a game room wall in your home, but not necessarily, and why not let it choose your room’s color palette to boot?  Go for something completely unexpected and fabulous in function, like The Order Pomegranate papered resin deer head by Ruby’s Lounge…
wall art
Or keep it more neutral in your home with Wyatt Ellison’s Bear Head Sculpture… 
wall art
And you didn’t harm any animals!
If you like the idea of sculpture on your wall in your home, but you’re not ready for any animal heads yet, you could make a bold and modern statement with this wood Pink & Copper Mid Century-Style by studio 724…
wall art
Or this Untitled no. 101 version.  I can see these function above a console table, and then you can soften them with lamps or vases of flowers…
wall art
They float off of the wall, so that changing light will cast interesting shadows in your home.
This next idea could be the ultimate budgeted evolution of design function, simply by slowly adding more and more of Red Tile Studio’s Art Blocks to make your own unique collection.  You could build this up to cover an entire wall in your home over time…
wall art
See how you can put together quite a variety, and wouldn’t this be a fun family project to pick each tile, and see it grow?…
wall art
You don’t always need to break the bank on art you love.  There are so many affordable options that have just as much impact, function and style like this Vintage Hymnal Sheet Music Cone Wreath…
wall art
At just $14, you could buy a variety of Rose flower48’s vintage wreaths, and hang them together.


If you need a bit more function with your art in your home, go for a French Memory Board…
wall art
What’s great about these from Memories To You, is that you have so many fabric choices and different sizes to function in your space…
wall art
Another really inexpensive option for art in your home is right under your nose…your children!  To me, artwork from someone you know and love is just better, and your kids really feel special when you feature their projects from school, or just their simple stick figure sketches they pop out at the kitchen table with crayons.  I took a couple rice paper kites my younger step-daughters made in art class at school, and framed them.  They are some of my absolute favorite pieces in my home…
wall art
wall art
Another favorite of our family and friends is my collage wall. This is still ongoing as I continually add new collages.  These photos were just sitting in a box in the closet, never seen.  Now we get to really enjoy them!…
wall art
My frames are themed in white while I add and replace older black ones, but you can really play with colors here, by finding frames you like and that fit, and painting them any hue.  Imagine a wall of all red frames, and then run them down your hallway!  
What’s your one Wall Art piece in your home?


More Wall Art Ideas… 


Here are a few great photos for some inspiration…

That red hallway…
wall art
Everything you have…no matching required…
wall art
Your shadow box collection…
wall art ideas
A new idea…paint your own frame!…
wall art
Now, go have some fun!
Photos from House Beautiful, Elle Decor & domino magazines
One Piece Makeover…Wall Art Ideas.


17 thoughts on “The One Piece Makeover…Wall Art

  1. Spilled Milkshake

    Love, love, love these ideas! You are totally inspiring me! I’ve favorited a couple of the etsy items (I love the memory boards and the sheet music wreath). But my favorite is the framed art from your kids. That is a fantastic idea and I have tons to choose from (I have 6 kids and a tendency to hang on to their artwork lol).

    P.S. Visiting from!

  2. Mommy LaDy Club


    You have to try the framing idea then with all of that artwork. Pick your color of frame, and you have an instant collection and a really cool wall!

  3. Kathy

    Really great ideas!!! I love the piece with the hymnal and the pictures of your daughters work is wonderful! That would be a great idea for my hallway!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Kathy Via Voiceboks!
    My dishwasher’s possessed!

  4. Kim

    Oh wow, thank you so much for featuring my memory boards. I really love the artwork by the children idea and will have to use that!

  5. jbplbarbara

    Love that musical cone wreath, very unique and those memory boards look so exquisite. Love to visit your site.
    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  6. ~Wendie

    Great ideas! Personally, I love empty shadow box squares. During the holidays I fill them differently and then I can go months with nothing in them at all. I have SO much sheet music – I would feel guilty if I turned it into a wreath. I would keep thinking that I would want to play it again someday!!

  7. Beth

    Great ideas! Aside from the cost, I get so overwhelmed by big projects. This would also help with that, I’m thinking.

    Visiting from VB. 🙂


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