Hey Business Mom Do You Know Your One Word?


Well Do You, Business Mom?


This is the very first question I ask of all my Business Mom Clients, and it is what all of my Business Mom Clients must answer.


If you are a Business Mom, and don’t know your One Word to describe your market and niche, you have no place to start, and all of your efforts in your business, blogging and marketing so far have been a waste of time.

business mom How can One Word really be that important?


Business online is a word game, and you must use words every day to reach your customers, convince them to buy your products, get more readers to subscribe and read your blog posts, post on social media, etc.  All of these words must have a purpose, and they only make the right purpose for your individual Business Mom business if they fall under your One Word that describes your niche, market or customer.


And where do most of these words go that are designed to help your business?


business momThey usually start with a blog post or a blog page. So writing and blogging is your essential tool and starting point for everything you the Business Mom are doing online for your business.


Hey Business Mom, Let’s Answer Some Questions!



Question 1. Do you know your one word?


Question 2. Do you have a secondary phrase to describe your niche?


Question 3. Do all of your words you use to promote your Business Mom business either through blogging, social media marketing, product description fall under this One Word like a layered system?


business momLet’s go through these questions step by step…


Answer 1.


Your Business Mom efforts should target one group of people, or one niche or source. When you know this, your script is already laid out for you. You will be able to blog, write product descriptions or social media posts, and market your content like you are talking to this one group.


Even better, if you can make up and describe your one source as an individual person or profile, with whom you converse while doing your Business Mom business, you’ll find you’re building very strong relationships, and being much more effective.  This means, you actually create an imaginary person, like your sitting together for coffee.


When you know your one source or niche, you can target the right keywords to optimize everything you do and make in your Business Mom business.


Using keywords properly in your content marketing can improve your search engine optimization, and improve your chances of being indexed by Google in a search by the public.  This equals more traffic to your blog, website, products, sign up forms, etc.



Answer 2.  



A secondary phrase helps you start your layering system for your best search engine optimization. You want to create a system of layers for all your business words to set up the scenario of good relevance that can make Google happy.


To relate your Business Mom words, you need content pages or posts to connect together, and this means they need to have a related system or script laid out by design. Otherwise, your Business Mom talk is always random with little chance of connecting to each other, and very unlikely to get indexed.


business momWhat does this script look like?

Since you now know your one source or niche, and you have secondary sources or themes going off of that, your script is like a layered and tiered structure or map from the original source.

But, you also want the ability to use words as a Business Mom using your keyword research more often, and the more layered system you make, the more chances you have to do this.

To make your layered script, pull ideas and keywords from other ideas and keywords.  The point is to set up as many connecting layers by design as you can.



Answer 3.


Now that we broke down this script of layers, and relevant word system based off of your keyword research, your next step will be to sit down, and draw it out, and see if it will make the beginning shape of a tiered map or outline.


business momHey Business Mom, Don’t know how to do keyword research?


business mom

Betina and I have a DIY Keyword Research Information Report to help you with this at our BLOGmoda My Blog Etsy Shop.


Ask yourself, “what is my Business Mom business about?”, and see if you can pinpoint your one source niche. Then, write it down, and go from there using your DIY Report!


business momOur next step will be to optimize your Business Mom system or script using keyword research.


Make A System of Layers…


So, how do you make and build up layers of natural and relevant words to help your business?


1.  Edit & Pull Words from Words Based on Your Keyword Research: 


This is where you take a look at your research and existing content, and ask yourself, “Does this fit, can I edit to make it fit, and how do I expand upon my content marketing, and still make it fit?”.


You also look at your reader’s comments and feedback, comments on social media or networks, or any response being positive or negative to what you make or market as a launching point for your next business promoting that still fits in your system of research.


2.  Creating Business Mom Content Marketing Based on Your Keyword Research:


As we touched on above, creating your tiered map of relevant and related keywords gives you that template to organize your thoughts, and have your business word use fall into line. This not only helps you create all of this content marketing, but gives your readers consistency, reliability and a resource of information. It also gives you relevance.


Practicing these two steps can set you up for the future, and certainly give you the right purpose and voice for your business.


3: Always Edit, Edit, Edit

You can always go back through any business writing you do as a Business Mom, and edit to fit your new script based on your research, and the most important part of all of this, is that you are setting yourself up for providing some quality content and satisfaction for your readers, customers or clients.


**Don’t forget about deleting any content that doesn’t fit. Either make it fit with an edit or delete permanently.

business momA System of Relevance not Randomness…


This is an important factor for your Google indexing!


Everyone talks about backlinks, and while quality links are important, internal linking is a position-vaulting step that’s often overlooked by Business Mom bloggers.


This will often lead to finding yourself holding more than one top Google listing for your site–the coveted “double tier” effect.  That automatically increases your blog’s “authority status” and is more than capable of boosting you instantly to Google’s front page for your keyword!


Here’s an example of what that looks like…


business mom


Not only does this site hold the top spot, but there’s a drop-down offering more links from that particular site.


A word of caution however:  Make sure any same-site links are supremely logical, natural and relevant.  Google’s editors have a very sensitive nose for same-site spamming and this is a strategy that can backfire on you, if used carelessly or clumsily.


Can you believe we are only scratching the surface here!

business momI share a lot here on Mommy LaDy Club as well as our other business sites, but I don’t share everything.  The juicy details and learning are reserved for our Business Mom Club-Content members.  They will be learning how to use this beginning system of word use, and take it further with the new SEO paradigm. They will be prepared, and will get out ahead. You could too! Become my Special Business Mom Client.


I work with a few select clients, where I take you under my wing for an entire year so that your learning, business improvement and applications are more comprehensive and not fleeting.  All of this Business Mom learning takes time, and that’s what you get with my personal attention.


13 thoughts on “Hey Business Mom Do You Know Your One Word?

  1. Leila Boukarim

    These are essential tips! I try to always keep them in mind when writing. Thanks for sharing!
    Find me and my writing on Smashwords

  2. Sharon

    You know what? I never really thought of all of that. A lot of that can work with just my blog. I mean, my blog isn’t really much of a business, but it is my baby!

    1. C&B~MommyLaDyClub Post author

      Sharon, your blog can absolutely be your business. How else do you promote your book, unless you have a blog? It’s an ideal tool for any product(business.) 😉

  3. Lexie Lane

    I like the stuff about relevance not randomness. I know I forget about my internal keywords often and this is from someone who’s written the book about blogging! lol!

    1. C&B~MommyLaDyClub Post author

      Lex, I constantly go through my content, and check for better keywords, or if I called to action, etc., and there will be posts where I missed things. You think you did, but you didn’t…it’s weird, but going through old content before writing new is a good way to catch things like that.


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