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Mr. Darcy Love Story Collection

love storyThis is a Love Story Collection!


Below, you’ll read from some of our favorite bloggers, who happen to have a Mr. Darcy of their own, and this love story collection is gathered here to celebrate true love.  May all of you find your true love and Mr. Darcy as well, and you can certainly share your story here with us when you do.


From our first love story author…


I came across Writings of an Infertile Ballerina, and was immediately drawn to it and her story.  I am a former Ballerina, and Jen’s new-found hobby of adult Ballet, to take her mind off of her inability to conceive was intriguing.  I check in on her, and give her little dancing tips whenever I can, and on one visit discovered that she has her own Darcy.  


Well, we have a page dedicated to all of the Mr. Darcys out there, where we plan to grow this nice little collection from all of you! Thank you so much to Jen for our very first Mr. Darcy story that we will keep posted here in our Mr. Darcy Love Story Collection forever!

But first…a little thank you video from Ballerina to Ballerina. This is Darcey Bussell, one of the most beautiful and talented Ballerinas on the planet in my opinion.  Retired now, but tall, unbelievably strong and powerful, with unparalleled grace and control…a true master of technique and stage presence.

And now, some romance and romantic love, Jen’s lovely Mr. Darcy romantic story to start us off…


Read Romantic Love Story: Jen’s Mr. Darcy…


                                “My Occasional Romeo”

My husband Seth is not the most romantic man.  He does not shower me with flowers and chocolates and other pointless trinkets.  He shows me he loves me in other ways that are more personalized by doing things that are more meaningful.


He is not known for planning romantic dates or surprises like on “The Bachelor.”  Instead he is romantic in his own unique way.


love storyRomance


For example, I came home from work one evening and found him standing in front of the Christmas tree holding a lovable little Yorkshire Terrier. I had been begging him for a dog for months and this was our first dog as a couple. My husband is not a dog person or an animal lover like myself, so I knew he must really love me to put up with that destructive little thing. 




Another time he surprised me with a new wedding band on our anniversary.  It was one I could wear in nursing school.  He knew I liked antique style rings, and found the perfect white gold band, with antique engravings.  It was exactly what I would have picked myself.

love storyRomance

Recently Seth surprised me again with another romantic surprise. This winter, when I decided to pursue my ballet training more seriously, he seemed doubtful. But as I persisted to reach my goals, he supported me in my new infatuation for dancing.


Last weekend was my dance performance. After the performance,
he pulled a little gift out of his pocket.  I opened it and found a Brighton Charm Bracelet.




He had hand-picked each charm on the bracelet, each being significant; And of course one of the charms was a miniature ballet slipper!  This bracelet was special to me not only because I will always remember my performance, but it represents his support in my goal to be a dancer.


Love & Romance


What a perfect ending to my day!  That is why I call him my “Occasional Romeo.”  He amazes me when I least expect it.

love story


The End: Romantic Love Story & Romance: Jen’s Darcy


love storyFrom our second author…

Read from Beth of Far From Camelot. She shares her Mr. Darcy and love story with us…


I got married at 20 to my high school sweetheart. We had previously broken up the year before because he felt smothered and didn’t want to be tied down. I was a bit overbearing but I suppose when you’re young and have already discussed your future together, you kinda think it’s going to happen. And it did happen because he came back to me and proposed the right way, by asking my parent’s permission. He did that all on his own, so we thought he was sincere about his promise to me.


I’m not going into detail about that marriage. It wasn’t a mistake per se because it taught me a lot about who I truly am and what I will and will not stand for. But 5 years later we started divorce proceedings and 2 years later it was finalized. Lots of feet dragging by my ex, but he was the one that wanted it, so he was the one that was going to start it. He came out a winner anyhow. Found out lots of lies he told to me. I’m grateful we didn’t have any children.


My divorce did not change the way I felt about marriage. I still wanted a soul mate and my own family. I still wanted, and deserved, companionship. So I started online dating. Don’t knock it until you try it! I had lots of fun meeting all sorts of men, but it wasn’t working out how I had envisioned it.


love storyThen one day I had dinner with my parents and another couple that have been friends of the family longer than I’ve been born. Uncle George told us the love story of how he met Aunt Betty. He was given the suggestion of writing out a list of qualities he was looking for in a wife. Then he was to pray on each quality. God would then place in his path the woman he was to marry. Sure enough…


I took Uncle George’s love story to heart. And sure enough…


Christopher sent me a message through the dating site. He had never shown up in my previous searches. I was a bit in denial that this extremely good-looking man (really, he’s smoking hot) wanted to talk to me!


We talked at length, through email and over the phone, about where we’ve been, where we wanted to go and what we needed from a mate. Everything was laid out on the table from the get go and we concurred completely with each other.

St. Augustine 5/07

Our first date was March 25, 2007. I met him at his cabinet shop for lunch. It was right down the street from where I lived. In fact, he lived right down the street from me, too! From that day forward, we have never left each other’s side. Literally. He moved in that next week. I’m so not kidding, so don’t tell my parents!


love storyWe married October 6, 2007. Yes, seven months later. Would have been the day after we met if it was up to us. Our wedding is a whole other love story!

We had RB March 24, 2009.  Almost two years to the day we first met in person.   


It’s only been 4 years of marriage.  It feels like we’ve known each other all our lives.  My only regret is that we didn’t meet years earlier to truly make that happen.  Ya’ll, it’s a real cliche – he is my best friend, my protector, my lover and my life.  What ever would I do without him?


The Love Story…


Brilliant photographer said the dark background would look great…are we missing something?

Thank you Beth for sharing your love story and Mr. Darcy!

Do you have your own love story or Mr. Darcy? Come and give us your love story!

The End: Beth’s Mr. Darcy & Love Story

love story

From our third author…

Read from Christy Lee of Insanity Is Not An Option’s Love Moments & Mr. Darcy…

                  I Love Him Because…

love storyLove Moments

That guy there in the red hat.  The one with my Bubby.  I love him for many reasons but I have “favorite” moments that get me through the rough spots and love that they keep on coming(the favorites of course, not the rough spots).


And yes, we have “rough” spots.  All couples do.  If anyone tells you they have a perfect marriage, they are either lying to you or to themselves!  

Marriage is rough!  Life is tough!  But being able to hang on to the good stuff and holding on to what really matters?  Now that’s the important stuff!  We’ve maintained the balance!


My husband is not always (rarely) eloquent.  He doesn’t always do or say the right things.  But every once in a while, he throws in something that sticks with me forever and I cherish those moments!  


My photographic mind has these cherished moments embedded.  And although there are actually quite a few of these etched memories, 3 stand out and carry me through the “rough” spots!


love storyI met this man over 9 years ago (and married him a little over 8 years ago) and together we have 6 children (2 mine, 2 his, 2 ours).  It’s been a wild ride!  When we first got together, I was a VERY independent single mom.  I would not receive help from anyone!  I had this and the girls and I were just fine!  He offered, I always refused!


But he and “his” kids were spending a lot of time at our house, and I was cooking for them a lot!  That’s what I do.  I love to take care of people, especially those that I love!  But the grocery bill was climbing so after MANY offers, I took him up on it and “let” him pay for the groceries!  He was elated!  He had wanted to help.  He felt like he was taking advantage of me.  He wasn’t since I wasn’t allowing his help, but that’s how he felt, so I gave in.


Somehow, he and I got a day to ourselves!  My girls were with friends, and his kids were with their mother (cough cough…yes, that’s what we’ll call her).  So we headed to Walmart for some grocery shopping!


I did my usual budget shopping, asking him along the way if he wanted this or that.  He kept saying “Whatever you want baby”.  So I just did the usual shop.  I really wanted him to participate but he didn’t.  I finally just asked what he wanted and wasn’t going to take another no answer as an answer.  I noticed him grinning as he pushed the buggy.  Why wouldn’t he answer me?  UGH men!  Then he said it! 


love storyLove Moments#1:  “I’m just here to push the buggy and sign the check!”.  Yes he was proud and I had to smile!  Matter of fact, that was 9 years ago and it still makes me smile!  It was a good day and I went home and cooked us all dinner with the groceries HE purchased!


Then, a few months later, we caught another alone moment (wish we could find one or two of these more often), and we were sitting in the field on my property in Georgia.  It was raining but we didn’t care!


Please understand that I had convinced myself that I would never marry again (2-time loser was enough for me) and he knew this!  But sitting there, in the rain, with this man I had grown to love with all of my heart, he dropped the bomb!  And the bomb was eloquent (whether you think so or not). 


love storyLove Moments#2:  “Will you change your name just one more time?  I promise, it’ll never happen again!”  And this was the proposal that changed my life!


There have been countless “moments” since then that I could share with you, but just recently, he hit another all timer for me and this is the last (of many I hope) that sticks with me and makes me smile on a daily basis.


We’ve been hit by this damned recession.  It’s been rough, but we pay the bills, we have a roof over our heads, and the kids are fed.  That’s what matters.  


He gets depressed that he can’t do more for us.  He works hard, very hard.  I appreciate it very much!  So much so that since I haven’t worked (ha ha…outside of the home that is) in the past 2 years, I was feeling guilty for the pressure I was putting on him!  I have skills, I am very good in my field.  I could get a job.  It wouldn’t be easy in this economy and I’d have to leave the babies.  But I could get a job! 


I broached the subject again one night.  I don’t want to leave the babies and he knows that.  But I brought it up and he knew I was serious.  


Understand that I do EVERYTHING for this man and this family.  I cook every day.  I do all of the laundry.  I do all of the cleaning.  I pay all of the bills (with his money of course).  You name it, I do it!  It’s my “job” now.  He shouldn’t have to do a thing while he’s here.  He supports us so I should do the rest.  NOT because he expects it, but because I WANT to!


So after dinner as I’m cleaning up the kitchen after cooking for my family, while I’m preparing his lunch for the next day, he walks into the kitchen, gives me a huge hug and kiss and drops the next one.  


love storyLove Moments#3:  “You can’t go back to work baby!  Who will take care of me?”.


Yes, I’m sure he likes the servitude (LOL…it’s NOT that bad) but he doesn’t want me to go back to work because he wants to take care of us!


I love this man!  I’m thankful everyday to have him in my life!  I love that he calls my daughters his own.  He doesn’t do any of this because he has to, he does it all because that’s who he is!  He’s a good man and I love him!  


We’ll keep making it through the “rough spots” and some day soon, everything will be fine again on the economic front!  But I don’t put much stock in that part.


As they say, “money can’t buy you love” and that’s true!  True love is all about “the moments” and if you find that, cherish it and hold on to it! 


I know I do and I always will!


The End: I Love Him Because…A Mr. Darcy Story & Love Moments


love story

 From our fourth author…


love storyIt’s Love Time:  From Across the Room…

…It was love at first sight. Puppy love. We were only 10. The feelings were mutual and little did we know at the time we were soul mates; destined to be together.


What kind of a relationship can 10 year olds have? You know, it’s the playground kind of love. At school, you hold hands and away from school you dream of the crush you have. It probably seemed trivial at the time, but something in my heart was sparked.


As the years passed, we grew; with each other and as separate people. We dated a little in high school and at the beginning of college, but more importantly we were ALWAYS friends.


When we both went away to school I convinced myself we made better friends than lovers. Some years elapsed without communication, but he was always there. I couldn’t shake it. He was always in my thoughts; wondering what he was doing, and if he thought of me. We both lived a lot of life.


love storyLove Time


We reconnected when my grandfather had his stroke. Always a friend, best friend at that, I could count on him; even across distance and time. On top of my grandfather getting ill, I had some other turmoil in my life. I moved back home, to California, and began setting my life back on course. Again, he was there.

We began a relationship, again. Something I think we both really couldn’t have planned. It was like a force was always drawing us together. We spent almost every waking moment together, and then my cat moved in with him!


That’s a whole other story. But, I was reluctant to jump in so fast and since I was spending a lot of time at his house it was only logical! A few more months went by and he finally convinced me to move in–it was hard to say no a second time.


He spent a lot of time courting me. Not because he wanted to “get” me; he knew he already had me, but because he’s that kind of guy. A couple years later we finally tied the knot. A private ceremony, we held it in a special location with only 30 guests. He’s been wooing me ever since.


Not always the guy to show up with flowers or chocolates, he plans special moments that count. I know some people think Valentine’s is a Hallmark event–and honestly, my husband will say so too–but every year he goes out of his way to create something fabulous for me. And, it absolutely melts my heart when I receive an email or text out the blue with a special note of love.


love storyNow that we have a baby, often times I find he’s done my unfinished dishes or hung diapers–we use cloth–or picked up some other chore where I left off. Be still my heart!


If you knew my husband, you’d know he’s a bit of a macho man; some might even say he’s sort of a bad boy. It’s really more of an image. But, when it comes down to it he’s my perfect match. I can be a bit headstrong and he’ll go toe to toe with me. Sometimes a bit uptight, he reminds me to relax.


Yeah, we fight–every couple does–but I’ve been told that if we’re always on the same page, it’s not always a good thing. We are definitely compliments in one another’s lives. I can truly say I’m living my happy ever after.  


The End: Love Time; Melissa’s Mr. Darcy…From Across The Room


love story


From our fifth author…


Author of Mama’s Passions Blog, Cassondra Law gives us her Mr. Darcy: Bad Boy Love…



Summer, 2001.  Remember Yahoo chat rooms?  They might still use those but I haven’t used a Yahoo chat, or any other chat room since Summer 2001.  And this is why.  My sister was on her computer at age 13.  I was on my computer in MY room at age 15. I had a boyfriend, *T*, but you know, just a young teenager chatting in the Minnesota chat room.  


My sister sent me an individual IM (lol. I had no idea this story would be so weird!) and said, “Chat with this guy.  His sn is ***********”.


love storyOkay? Sent IM to Bobby.  He was very discreet and didn’t let me know anything.  He had a girlfriend at the time.  He kept telling me he lived in a different city (in case, you didn’t know, I was a big hairy loony toon, who wanted to kidnap him).  


We somehow chatted about goats and school for HOURS! Goats? Don’t ask.  He wants one.  Still to this day.  He even took pictures of himself on his webcam.  Remember those terrible quality web cams?  I still have the pictures!:


bad boy


Bad Boy Love


After a few weeks of non stop chatting, he told me he had a girlfriend.  Turns out, I went to school with this girl.  I told him I had a boyfriend and Bobby actually lived across the street from him and at that time, his beans spilled about where he truly lived! They both went to the same schools until I met my then boyfriend T, who got transferred to my school.  Ironic?  Weird?


love storyBobby and I chatted for about 3 months before we met.  We went to the County fair.  He JUST turned 16 and I was turning 16 in 3 months and 3 days.  And we lived exactly 3 miles apart from driveway to driveway.


We are total opposites though.  You look at him like a pretty boy. A boy who boats, fishes, “preppy dresser” but then again listens to Punk Rock music.  I, on the other hand, listen to hip hop/ rap/ R&B and dress in Urban Wear.  I met Bobby.  He was NOT my type of boy to date.  I dated bad boys, rappers, boys who drank under age.  Gah, I loved bad boys.  Bobby dated the preppy girls, pretty girls, popular girls.  You know, that “type” while in high school.


He and I hung out for weeks.  We had a ton of fun and ended up being inseparable.  Our current relationships ended, somehow?


Poor Bobby asked me to be his girlfriend, 2 times.  I said, “NO, sorry.  You aren’t my type.  I love bad boys and you are far beyond a bad boy.  You have no idea.”  But, we continued to have a blast together.  Daily.  


Then, third times the charm because I was asked to be Bobby’s girlfriend one last time and if I were to say no, Bobby said he was going to say bye, and he didn’t want to waste his time anymore. LOL.  Well, I said yes because I figured, if it doesn’t work, we’re still very young and we can always just go on with our lives.


The third time Bobby asked me to be his girlfriend, It was November 26, 2001.  We were both 16 at the time. 


bad boy

Bad Boy Love


Bobby changed my life.  If it weren’t for him, I might have ended up with a “bad boy” who was truly, a bad boy.  Maybe several of them before I learned my lesson the hard way, type of deal.  I stopped all the sneak outs, the partying, the drinking, skipping school, etc., etc. … I was a different girl.  He didn’t change me.  I wanted to change myself.  And it was truly involuntary.  Changes just, happened.


We both graduated from our separate high schools.  We both attended the same community college.  At age 21, we fell pregnant with our first son, Chayden, now age 5 (in August).


bad boy


September 2009, we finally got married.  We were saving up for our wedding to pay out-of-pocket so we had zero loans.  The day we said, “I DO.”, we had nothing of the wedding to pay off.


bad boy


We moved again, so we can start to build our family.  Colton was born October 2010.



bad boy

Bad Boy Love


bad boy


Today, we are both 26 years old, living in a small apartment but saving up for a 5 bedroom house in a nice kid friendly neighborhood, have two amazing boys and a love that will bind us together forever.


bad boy


Bobby and I have had tons of downs.  We had never broken up, but we have had some hefty fights.  If we can be together after having a down time in our lives, then we can make our relationship last through anything.  We have never given up on each other and we can never imagine ourselves with anybody else.  


We are still very opposite in terms of what we enjoy but that’s the fun part in our relationship.  Still, 10 years later, we are both teaching each other new things that we both enjoy and the other has no idea what this enjoyment is all about.


I am the boring part of the relationship.  I am not creative or spontaneous.  I just take care of the kids and shop.  Bobby is very romantic.  He loves hugs, kisses, surprises, and romance. He comes home from work, exhausted, and cooks us all a nice meal. He brings home flowers or just, maybe a CD or Jacket for me.  He is always very thoughtful of us and our family.  Very caring and supportive in anything I do.


love storyHonestly, 10 years feels like 2 days to us.  Our enjoyment and feelings grow deeper each day.  So, truly, here’s a virtual toast to “us” and our forever love.

The End.


We hope you enjoyed each and every story.  If you have a story to be told, please contact us to join our Mr. Darcy Love Story Collection.


love storyDo you have a Mr. Darcy?


Courtney & Betina


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  1. Columba Lisa Smith

    It’s so encouraging to read about good marriages in this day and age; thanks for sharing! Makes me think maybe there’s hope for me now, ha ha! 😉

  2. Angelina

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful and cute love stories! It’s nice to hear stories like this, when all too often what makes headlines is the nasty stuff and it can get pretty depressing pretty quick. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Thanks for sharing these ladies! It’s so nice to read uplifting stories about families and relationship. It really brightened my day 🙂


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