How’s Your Entrepreneurial Spirit These Days?

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Do You Feel It?…


“We’ve got Spirit, yes we do!…We’ve got Spirit…how about you?”


I used to shout that across the football field, standing in the wrapping, gravel filled track and field lanes–saddle shoes springing, petticoats swinging, and pom pons pointed and extended to the sky.


This was our Pom and Cheer line’s Spirit Chant, as we riled up our team’s fans to stand up from their bleachers, and toss that Chant across to the opposing side.  If the other side answered back, we’d yell it again, only bigger and louder!


Those were good times thinking back to my Pom Line days.  We were accomplished, savvy, entertaining and full of energy.  We were a group of teen aged girls who relished healthy competition, worked hard, pooled our resources, and pulled off some great performances.


entrepreneurial spiritAt the time we didn’t know it, but we were entrepreneurs…


Each week, we assessed our strengths and weaknesses, divided up and assigned tasks, then cooperated to combine each assignment in collaboration, and practiced until we were perfect.  Every squad member individually honed her talents, creativity and ideas, and brought them to the table, which were efficiently utilized to produce a beautifully melded and crafted end result.


We were young, practicing entrepreneurs, building our little individual brands, ideas and styles that would be presented together in each dance number package.  A production machine and factory line of ideas…all proud of our individual entrepreneurial contributions, and happy to work together to lighten our loads, have time to do homework, and simply have a blast.


As I sit here now in my present entrepreneurial shoes, sans the saddles, it feels as though this push and drive and competitive nature as entrepreneurs is now viewed as selfish, extravagant and shameful.


There’s a new attitude it seems towards our American work ethic and entrepreneurs, as if the only desire to work is to make money, and everyone in business is painted into this little box of crookedness and greed.


Yes, of course we will always have crooks to fight, but I hope we can regain our confidence and dreams again as entrepreneurs, and always push forward to try and try again, even if we have to fail a few times.  


I hope we can relish the success of others, and feel pride and relief in our neighbors’ achievements, regardless of the size of their wallets.


entrepreneurial spiritHold to Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, Ideas & Dreams…


I know I do, and still hold on to my dreams and goals as a person and entrepreneur.  I know “I’ve still got Spirit, yes I do!…I’ve got Spirit…how about you?”




Feels good huh! Here are some Business Entrepreneurial tips and ideas for a successful mindset to overcome those daily challenges and opposing pressures…


Business Entrepreneurial Spirit Tips


entrepreneurial spiritEntrepreneur: Write Your Goals


Yes, you may have your goals and ideas written down, but you also need to display them in a highly visible place that you see every day, to keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive.


Entrepreneur: Visualize


Like above, visualizing takes the concept of the daydream idea up several notches. Take some time every day to visualize your success as an entrepreneur.  


Entrepreneur: Be Specific


If this is about your business, imagine yourself meeting clients, making them happy, and then imagine those clients telling others. Much like the athletes on the football field, who envision their moves on the field each play, you can do the same for your business and entrepreneurial path.


entrepreneurial spiritEntrepreneur: Focus Like a Laserbeam


It’s so easy to let your mind get preoccupied and lose track of your ideas, goals and dreams. The world is more full of distractions than ever before, and they are all at our fingertips, like social networking, computer games, television, mobile devices, etc. Then, there are life distractions like kids, household chores,  and errands.


Entrepreneurs, How do you stay focused like a laserbeam? 


First, don’t beat yourself up, because no one can remain focused on one thing all day every day.  But, you can focus on success by adopting a laserbeam mindset.  Take all of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Tips and Ideas from above, and add the following Entrepreneur Ideas…


Entrepreneur: Keep a Log


Why?  When you log in, you will also be able to see areas where you are losing focus, and need to step things up. Every day, write in a log or journal about what you did for your business that day. Note in particular all your successes and things you did toward your goals. Include the small things that are steps towards your entrepreneurial plans.


Try to make it real, as if you’re watching your entrepreneurial plan unfold. Think in vivid colors, sights, and sounds.


entrepreneurial spiritEntrepreneur: Don’t Hesitate


It may be better just to go for it 100 percent and not look back. Otherwise, you may jump into your back-up plan at the first sign of trouble, and success takes effort, and more time.


Entrepreneur: Give it Time


I caught on the news the other day from a business reporter talking about the Amazon CEO, and how he makes bold, unique and out-of-the-box decisions and business plans.  Most of them don’t work or hit right away, but he just waits and waits, keeps working on his entrepreneurial idea, doesn’t give up, and makes it happen with time.


His entrepreneurial spirit gives him the patience and endurance he needs. You can find it, and feel it too!



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