Fall into Fall’s Unusuals To Love

Fall is here to fall into love…

Some of us say, Autumn, and some say Fall.  Which one do you use? 

When the season changes, I like to go hunting on Etsy to support my fellow Etsy Shop Owners, and give them a place to shine on our Fashion Styles page. Plus, I love finding the really innovative ideas, unique presentation and beautiful quirks that you can only get from handmade artists and entrepreneurs.

Here are the Unusual, innovative and quirky Fall into Fall items to love on Etsy…

BeautyofLittleThings has it right this Autumn season.  This Beaker Terracotta Freesia catches you as a little thing of beauty…


Before it gets too cold this Fall, get your Teepee Play Tent by Belittleyouandme…


Isn’t this such a clever Mom idea?  She has a variety of fabric choices on these, and they fold up easily, and can go anywhere. If it’s getting nippy for the season, you could build a real fire, and bundle up next to it, or keep this fun Fall activity during the warmer day temperatures.

Check out this Soft Sculpture Family of Art Dolls from TIMOHANDMADE…


These items to love give you a sense that you could try making these yourself–indoors when it’s cold out, but to obtain this look and style takes a true artist’s eye of love.

Did I say I love quirkiness before?  Is this not really good quirky?…

octopus cup

Creature Cups makes these, and she has others with pelicans, sharks, crocodiles and sea otters.  So much fun to get to the bottom of your cup, huh!

This is the type of item I love to find on Etsy, and this artist’s presentation is extremely unusual, but at the same time so effective.  You get the name, some photos, 100% cotton, a link…that’s it.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to think about SEO on our product descriptions, and just have this kind of unusual simplicity, like from floresdelmantel.  Meet Ren . bear…


And the other unusual character to love for Fall in this Etsy shop is Manuel . bear


Too bad these are only available in Argentina.

If someone were to say to you, I’ll crochet a necklace for you, you’d probably say, “oh, I’m fine…thanks anyway.”  But, you’d never expect to see this Black Crochet Okapi Necklace from Okapi Knits would you?…


Fall is when I throw on a jacket over my tee, and for the Autumn evening, just add an interesting necklace like this, and some nice heels…voila.

Mossy tree rings on your pillows in Autumn sounds good, right?…


WildRabbitsBurrow also makes spider web and monster pillows if you’re interested.

An innovative lighting fixture alone gets you going, but the wild flower additions here on Pani Jurek’s Maria S.C. test tube chandelier are off the charts unexpected. Grab all of those Fall flowers in your garden, and go for it…


I’m trying this one for my next party!

A brooch is a favorite type of jewelry for me, because it is so versatile.  You can wear it anywhere…put it on your handbag, scarf or belt.  Plus a brooch can be more whimsical than most jewelry…


I like that Beauty Spot took this illustration from a Ukrianian artist, printed it on plastic, and covered it in resin.  It breathes personality and charm, don’t you think?

Here in the desert where we live, Fall is still outdoor party time, and outdoor living season, you’ll need some outdoor lighting for your entertaining…


These are handmade cotton string balls for fairy lanterns by ThaiLights.  Unusually gorgeous!

A mouse in your right ear and cheese in the left this Fall?…


Or cheese in your right ear and mouse in your left?

An Autumn scarf is a must this season…


Why not quirk up the season with a Rusty Fox one? I like that the fox stares at the person across from you.

Throwing on some stockings this Autumn season for a little extra warmth? Try these Dog Eye ones…


Last but not least, the baby needs some warm up for Fall too, and watching your little one crawl around with this Mohawk Hat should warm your smiles…


Fall into Fall’s Unusuals to Love

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