Blogging Secret No One Talks About

With our Keyword Challenge and technical writing focus at Club-Content, and the more demanding nature of producing those kinds of blog posts, I wanted to address


A Blogging Secret No One Talks About…


blogging tipsHaving fun!


Lately, my focus on blogging tips has been rather serious. We have new updates, new challenges and a new paradigm of SEO upon us.


This can all be a bit overwhelming, I know.


You still have to choose fun in blogging, or you might go crazy. The best blogging tips I can give are that it just needs to feel good and satisfying, right?


More Blogging Tips:


Another way of choosing fun while blogging is to incorporate the serious tips and stuff slowly.


You don’t have to break out an epic post all of the time, and you don’t have to address your checklists and strategies every day. You need to break that up with some entertainment, and who’s to say that the fun stuff can’t bring you some reading and search engine traffic anyway!


Blogging Tips: Do Some Pop Culture


One of our Club-Content members recently added a “Dallas TV Series Re-cap” weekly theme on her blog, and this kind of thing is perfect for blogging and reading.  She has a blast writing it, readers have a blast reading it, and if someone does a search for “Dallas TV Series”, they just may find her blog. 


blogging tipsDon’t underestimate the importance of sheer entertainment for blog reading and writers.


Sheer entertainment is the entire impetus for our Battle of The Leading Men. Yes, “Romantic Getaway” is a searched keyword phrase, but the Battles every week are purely for enjoyment for us and writing
and reading. 


Blogging Tips: Don’t Make it a Chore


You have to have that, or you might go crazy and quit blogging. If blogging starts to feel too much like a chore, then you probably will.  The length of time you blog can determine a lot of your reputation.


Blogging Tips: You gotta keep at it.  


Posting often to feed those Google spiders is demanding, so incorporate some joy to give you  balance, and to keep the movement flowing. When you enjoy it, your readers will know it.


I get a lot of comments from other bloggers about not knowing where to take their blogs, and not seeing a path.  This will come over time.  You will find your voice and style, and what people like reading will show you a path if you pay attention…


Blogging Tips: Find Your Voice Over Time 


The secret to getting there is being around, and if you’re having fun blogging, you will last.



blogging tipsThe Having Fun Blogging Secret That No One Talks About Leads to Quality Blogging…

What is Quality Blogging?


There’s no getting around it: You can’t just slap any old post on your blog, and expect to turn into a superstar overnight.  You really do need quality blogging.  Without it, all the techniques in the world won’t result in reading and followers, which is what traffic is ultimately all about.


Blogging Tips: Forget the Techniques & Truisms


Forget the importance of writing your own, unique, original posts.  Forget all of those tips, techniques and truisms.


blogging tipsTechniques aren’t what will instill heart into a blog post.  To produce top quality blogging, you only have to have three indispensable elements:



Blogging Tips: 3 Indispensable Elements 


  1. Passion: You need to get swept away by your subject and spend 24 hours a day eating, sleeping and breathing it.  In fact, writing about your subject or talking about it should be as natural as breathing, and as irresistible as french fries!
  2. Conversation: You need to be chatting with your readers:  Not preaching to them.  It should be a dialogue.
  3. Relevance:  this all interconnects with passion and conversation.  If you have the first two elements covered, your relevance will flow just as easily.  You want to be on top of what your target niche group is currently talking and thinking about, in order to get people reading and get followed. 


blogging tipsBetter yet, be one step ahead of what they’re going to be focusing on in the next few weeks, before they know it themselves.  You do this by keeping a diligent eye on your industry, following quality feeds and tips and authority sources.


You don’t need to write about the “new stuff”, you just have to be aware of it so you can produce the hottest material when the latest news, trend, method, etc., goes public.


Blogging Tips: Make Yourself the Go-To

Once you’ve got these three elements in play on your blog, you’re well on your way to providing quality blogging.


And the rewards are enormous.  Take the time to make yourself the top “go to” person in your niche by caring, and you’ll reap:


  • Devoted readers
  • Reader trust
  • Google authority status
  • Social media authority status
  • Opportunities for quality joint ventures
  • And that’s just to start with.  You’ll also see things you didn’t expect happen, such as being approached by major companies and offered large sums to display their ads…or having so many offers you need to hire a Virtual Assistant to weed them out.  You’ll be inundated with requests for interviews or to write guest posts.
  • You’ll be able to pick and choose:
  • The best ad offers
  • The best interview requests
  • The most targeted blogs to guest on


When you get to this stage, your traffic and reading will blossom exponentially and rapidly.

blogging tips


This is our goal at Club-Contentquality blog content, and making the most out of our blogging experience.  We are carving our niches, learning from writing exercises like keyword challenges and current events, and improving our businesses and blogs! You can be a part of it too…


blogging tipsBlogging Secret No One Talks About…Don’t Forget to Have Fun for Your Best Blogging!



11 thoughts on “Blogging Secret No One Talks About

  1. Rosey

    Blogging is fun. I haven’t had a day yet that I thought was tedious or boring, I cannot say the same for the writing I have to do to pay my credit card bills. Perhaps if I focused more on serious w/the blog, and less on fun, I’d have a way to pay those bills that was fun too. I keep saying I’m going to consider it, but I’ve been blogging a year now and STILL haven’t taken that leap of faith. You’re braver than I am. 🙂

  2. Gina Jacobs Thomas (@totallyfullofit)

    Great, great advice! Right now, with my blogging, I’m struggling a bit. Struggling with comparison, with feeling “less than”, with feeling like I don’t have much unique content to draw readers and keep them there. I love the idea of fun blogging, but how do you come up with fun ideas, i.e. your Battle of the Leading Men? I feel like those posts must be so fun to do, and usually tend to do well, but my creative well has runneth dry…

  3. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

    Gina, you’re probably hitting that 3 year hump too, plus we just have big changes with blogging. It can really feel like a hump. If you can make your fun thing still fit with your writing themes, and be able to offer 800 or more word content for search engines, that’s ideal.

  4. Kristl Story

    After 3 years, I’ve just re-designed my site, and I love it…AGAIN! Your article made me realize that my favorite blogs are the fun ones, so FUN IT IS!

  5. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

    I enjoy blogging because I know that the information that I usually talk about is stuff that most people can relate to. It is fun for me because I get to interact with so many new people. 😉

  6. The Detox Diva

    I NEEDED this post today. I have found myself with a decisive lack of passion lately because of all the changes in SEO and the lack of what I perceive as growth in my blog so I am definitely keeping all this in mind and will probably keep coming back to THIS post and rereading it…. Hmmm. I wonder if you can wear out a blog page…lol

    1. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

      Jacqueline, I think many of us are about the same on our blogging age, and at that typical hump, but our hump came with big changes from Google, so especially challenging. I’m finding going through my old content and re-purposing it is giving me much more out of blogging right now. There is so much we’ve already written that can be made better, or turned into something else, or even some new idea or supplement we just didn’t think of yet.

  7. Kimberly FiveLittleChefs

    I do feel the demand to keep posting but finally had to tell myself this week I can take a few days off and then start again next week. It’s funny because after just one day I’m feeling so much better and excited again. I love the idea of having fun. I need to remind myself of it before things get too crazy.

  8. Columba Lisa Smith

    I’ve been learning about the need for conversational style lately. My blogging hang-up is I forget the need to engage with my readers. This is a helpful post!

    1. C&B~MommyLaDyClub Post author

      That is one of the classic mistakes, Lisa. Thinking blogging is all about you, but really it’s all about your readers. If you write that way, and not me, me, I, I all the time, you’ll see your readership grow:)


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