Shoes for You: The Outrageous The Better

We used to have a “Just Shoes” page on our old Blogger, and I kind of miss it. But, finding shoes for posts to share on our new WordPress blog can still satisfy my shoes addiction.  

Do you have a shoes addiction like I do?

Most women do, but if you don’t, you must tell us why.

I stay pretty disciplined, and in budget when I shop in real life, and find that if I just do my featured posts here, I can keep in control.  How about you?  Does your blog satisfy, or keep in check any real life cravings and habits?  If so, you can tell me in the comments, but for now you will have to suffer through my shoe finds…hee hee.

shoesFor shoes, and in particular shoes for women, the more outrageous the better…

The trick to these by Betsey Johnson, and to not look like a stripper, is to wear them with a more conservative looking outfit, like your jeans and blazer or work attire.  Strippers get the best in a shoe, but we all know that those shoes must stay where they belong. Sometimes, non-stripper women can bring it in cautiously with the right balance…

cheetah shoes

What makes these shoes outrageous is the price tag at $650, but if you can find these by Burberry made similarly, and at a much lower price, these will be timeless style you can wear forever. A T-Strap does wonders for your feet and legs, and the ink blue in a shoe is especially poignant…

t strap shoes

Anytime you want to make a statement with your shoes, choose color.  In this particular case, you can choose it with print by Nine West.  I don’t find these to be particularly outrageous, but they might be for some.  Plus, they are really affordable.  Now, these days when we shoe shop, that might be the outrageous part in fact…

flower print shoes

Calvin Klein is calling these Vivian Light Purple in kid suede, but to me they are that perfectly and divinely outrageous pink hue that everyone should have as a pair of shoes in her closet.  After all, Elvis had suede shoes, and how can he be wrong?…

pink suede

OK, time for a crazy wedge by Jessica Simpson…


shoesFor women, your heel height doesn’t always have to be high to have an impact with the shape and character of a shoe.  Just the combination and collection of color, material and pattern can do the job.  If you want style that is truly stand alone and character rich, try something from Anthropologie

striped heel shoes

If you want an outrageously comfy shoe, while staying stylish Kenneth Cole does a great job delivering both… 

kenneth cole

As much as I like Michael Kors, these are outrageously ugly to me, but we are doing that here today.  You have to tell me if you’d wear these, and with what?…

high top

shoesWe haven’t done a bootie yet, and I think they are a classic style. They look good with anything, and are remarkably flattering, even though they are more bulky, covering your feet more. These shoes by Type Z bring it all together, being strong and feminine…

grey bootie

A bold and colorful platform pair of shoes from Penny loves Kenny…




Ouch, right?


Or try another neutral booty style pair, like the Jessica Simpson Cat…




You know these will make you tumble, but don’t you want to slip them on to see anyway?  See, shoes make us women do crazy things, or at least make me do crazy things.


This is my favorite pair of shoes right now.


Ahhh, the love of stripes…




I like that you can wear these in Spring, Summer and Fall, so that you get a lot out of them.


And last but not least, women need something with fringe…

fringe shoes

We are girls here.

Thought this was completely appropriate…

Are you a shoe addict like I am?  What is it about shoes! Which shoes are your favorite?


Shoes for You: The Outrageous The Better

5 thoughts on “Shoes for You: The Outrageous The Better

  1. Rosey

    I am NOT a fan of the Michael Kors shoes. I am a fan of the Calvin Klein pink suede pumps.

    Nothing on the blog keeps me in check (that I can think of), but my Pinterest travel boards keep me somewhat satisfied/happy during the times I can’t travel, and I likely wouldn’t be on Pinterest at all if it wasn’t for the blog. That sort of counts, right? 🙂

    1. C&B~MommyLaDyClub Post author

      I think that counts for sure, Rosey;) I was hoping someone would give me an outfit for those high tops!;)

  2. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

    These are a bit outrageous for my likely. I am a weirdo and I like simple shoes. In fact, my shoe of choice these days are my sandals or a slip on shoe.

  3. Cheryl@OntheOldPath

    Oh I could never wear any of those shoes, I am a barefoot girl through and through. When I must put on shoes it’s sandals and in the winter it is my Keen Mary Janes or my Bogs. I am sure I am disappointing you with my lack of adventure but I am comfort all the way.

  4. Pamela R

    WOW I love them all—could I wear them NOPE–maybe the Kenneth Cole pair but the rest are just TOO high for me


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