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Entrepreneur Advertising Tips: Choose Forums and Small Targeted Sites

Hey Entrepreneur-Mompreneur, Are You Ready to Start Advertising?

Getting to the point of being able to advertise will help your business immensely, and the best advertising tips when you’re small and starting out in marketing your business, are to choose forums and small, targeted sites.

One of the fastest ways to generate sales right now is advertising on a forum, and in particular, advertising in forum marketplaces. Why marketing this way? Because, forum marketplaces are where people come with the intent to buy.

advertising tipsHere’s tips on how to create effective forum ads…

Use Forum Ads for Instant Sales

First of Tips, Pick Your Marketplace

Where you advertise your business or product depends entirely on what you’re selling.

If you’re selling ghostwriting services for example, you might post your ad on a couple ghostwriting boards and a couple book writing or even blogging boards.

If you’re selling an actual physical product, you’ll have to limit yourself to forums that allow advertising of products, and not just services.

Specific industries also have their own niche forums that often have marketplaces. Look for these specific places in  forums, where people can buy and sell physical products of different sorts.

You simply need to identify and find a few marketplaces that match the business or products you’re selling.

Tips on What Your Price Should Be

Typically, forum prices have a pretty set marketplace. There tends to be a range.

For example, marketing guides on the Warrior Forum tend to sell for $5 to $20. Writing services on Digital Point range from $3 a piece to $8 a piece, while the range is double that on the Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire.

Figure out what the price range is on the forum(s) you’re targeting. Aim to be within that range, but closer to the top of the range if possible.

Tips on How to Create Your Ad

The title is so important in marketing, and it needs to be attention grabbing. It’s what people will see when they’re browsing through advertising, and this is where you have to get their attention.

Stick to the 3 second rule. Make sure the offer is clear within three seconds of opening your post. What exactly are you selling? What makes it different? Why choose you and not the competition?

Write proof-laden, benefit-heavy copy. Make a big claim about why they should buy from your business, while backing it up with proof, proof and more proof.

advertising tipsAdvertising Tips in Business: What to Expect in Forum Marketplaces

*People who browse marketplaces in forums basically are ready and looking to buy.

*Think about a supply meets demand scenario, by targeting your market and matching your ad placement. Let’s say you’re selling a beginners guide on a topic. You should go to where people sign up as beginners in the forum. These beginners read the getting started section, looking for a guide that’ll help guide them.

You’re getting right to the ones who came looking for a product, and you hand it to them. You just have to convince them that your product or business is the right one.

Tips: In summary, forum ads can bring in a quick sales. What’s nice is, you don’t need to build backlinks or split test anything. You don’t even need to risk any money. Just find an appropriate forum, write a great ad, and watch those sales come in.

advertising tipsNow, tips on finding small, targeted sites for advertising or marketing…

One of the most overlooked sources of traffic is buying ads directly with smaller websites in your market. These ads will often be under-priced, with much more bang for your buck than buying them from a network like Google AdSense.

Advertising Tips: Find Small Yet Targeted Sites 

Finding & Locating Potential Sites to Make Deals

Start with a Google search by using your main keyword, then try as many long tail keywords as you can think of. You’ll want to compile a list of about 20 websites to advertise on from all of the advertising tips below.

Remember, we’re not looking for any big guys who land in the top three, but smaller sites with less traffic, but worth advertising with. Be sure to look through the first, second and third page.

Another place to look is through Google’s content network listings. Do this by logging into your AdWords account, then going to “Placement Targeting” and “Find Placements.”

Type in your keyword and look at all the listings that come up. Just focus on the moderate traffic listings.

Your final tactic is to look on each of these sites individually, and try to find links to other sites. See if you can come up with new keywords or side markets as you browse through some of these sites.

advertising tipsAdvertising Tips in Business: How to Make Contact

If you find someone whose site is listed with the Google Content Network, the offer should be pretty simple: you’ll pay them 10% to 20% more than Google is paying them on a CPM basis. They just get a PayPal payment from you every month, consistently. Very appealing.

Tips: Take Advantage of Inexperience in Business Marketing

If you’re contacting a website that doesn’t have advertising on it, you might be talking to site owners who may have no idea what the market rate for an ad is. The upside is that you can get spectacular deals.

On the other hand, you might run into business owners who just try to overcharge you, because they don’t know what a good rate is.

The best way to navigate this is to come up with an approximate number that you’re willing to pay per CPM or CPC. Stick to your guns and don’t deviate.

Tips: Making Initial Contact with a Business for Marketing: Best Ways

Send them an email. Make sure the email is to the point, includes your website and makes it clear that you’re ready to make a payment. Include your contact details thoroughly, so that you don’t come across as spam or strange.  Be very professional and straightforward.

If they have a phone number, give them a call if you feel comfortable with that.

Finding smaller websites for advertising directly for your business, and choosing forum marketplaces can not only be one of the cheapest ways to advertise, but the most effective sources of advertising, and getting sales that money can buy.

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Advertising Tips in Business: Choose Forums and Small Targeted Sites


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