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Chris Pine vs. Armie Hammer: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways

Chris Pine vs. Armie Hammer: Battle of The Leading Men is Back!

chris pineWould you like to play your Romantic Getaway?

First, meet our hosts, Clint Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant. They watched over, and guided us through our Game 1, where we saw Johnny Depp take it, and now we shall play Game 2. Most of our new contenders did not play our last game, but shall see their Battles now!

Thank you Gentlemen, and thank you for bringing Masculine Back!

Let’s get to know our contenders…

chris pine

About Chris Pine: 

Maybe you recognize Chris Pine from Star Trek, where he does a pretty impressive imitation of a young Captain James T. Kirk, right down to the mannerisms and delivery of that famous Star Trek Captain we love. Chris Pine was born in 1980.  He’s American, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in English from University of CA Berkeley. Chris Pine sat down with William Shatner of Star Trek for an interview about taking on the Star Trek role, where they both arm wrestled, and caused a viral Internet stir.  Chris Pine’s latest film released in May 2013 is Star Trek into Darkness.

armie hammer

About Armie Hammer:

He is known for his role as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, and most recently landed the role of the Lone Ranger, co-starring with Johnny Depp.  Armand is American, and was born in 1986. He dropped out of High School to pursue acting. Consequently his parents disowned him. You might know him as the Prince next to Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror, and his next acting venture will be a Guy Ritchie film.

Ready?  Let’s Get it On!  

Here’s how to play.  Please choose your match up winner by giving the winner’s name in the comments.  Voting will continue, and remain open until our next match up and set of contenders begins.  You can find all results of our Game 2: Round 1 Battle of The Leading Men on our Romantic Getaways page.

So ladies, whom shall it be to move on?…

Chris Pine…Battle Cry: Star Trek


Armie Hammer…Battle Cry: Lone Ranger


Please comment your winner!


chris pineChris Pine vs. Armie Hammer: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways…

Courtney & Betina


20 thoughts on “Chris Pine vs. Armie Hammer: Battle of The Leading Men Romantic Getaways

  1. Rosey

    I just learned not long ago that Chris Pine’s dad was on CHIPS. I can see the resemblence!! That’s sad that Armie Hammer’s parents disowned him. I’m glad he got success. I pick Pine for my vote though. He’s just plain nice to look at… 🙂

  2. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

    I go for Pine, though I would’ve voted for Timothy Olyphant last round. Guy just gets to me in a cool way!


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