Swimsuit Fashion and Style: Getting Strategic

Gone are the days of wearing bikinis in public when you’re middle aged, and so Swimsuit Fashion and Style becomes much more strategic.  It’s definitely a time to embrace one piece swimsuits, beach cover ups, large-protective hats, sunglasses, and skin blemish concealers.
This is a great looking one piece suit and large-protective hat I found on Etsy, but I tend to buy my swimwear at J.Crew.  They have a lot of choices, the styles are flattering, and they fit well. Like this Bandeau Tank with an optional halter strap…
I got this one, and it is great. Fits perfectly by going off of their size chart, and the fabric is high quality, and it is extremely well made.
J.Crew has other flattering choices like this ruched one piece.  The ruching cleverly cinches you in, and creates shape and line. 

Thank goodness we have cute beach cover ups now in such variety so that you can just keep your cover on all day, and say you’re watching your sun exposure.  You’re still in your swimsuit, but can hide just about anything in something like this kaftan…
There will be that time you have to uncover of course, and expose your skin to the world.  Middle aged skin tends to get a lot more blemished with something they call “spider veins”.  And they call them spider veins, because they look like an ugly spider crawling on your skin.  It costs thousands of dollars to get these removed, and then they can come back after all of that spent money.  There is some leg and body makeup however, for a fraction of the cost like this Dermablend with SPF 15…
This is something I haven’t tried yet, but might look into.  There is even a primer concealer stick that claims to cover tattoos…
Target is my go-to for sunglasses usually.  You can find great style at great prices, especially when you know they will get beaten up, or could be lost easily. It’s really hard to go wrong with something like these for $16.99…
So Swimsuit Fashion & Style doesn’t have to end when you’re 40 or older, you just have to get more strategic in your choice of swimsuit, beach cover up, accessories and by all means…body makeup!;)
Swimsuit Fashion and Style: Getting Strategic

11 thoughts on “Swimsuit Fashion and Style: Getting Strategic

  1. mail4rosey

    Is it really almost swimsuit season (aaaaaack, it takes me so long to lose the Elmer’s Glue color from winter). 🙂

  2. Spilled Milkshake Designs

    I can’t believe how all the stores have swimsuits out! I took my daughter dress shopping today and swimsuits were everywhere!

    Great tips =)

  3. Courtney G

    Elmer’s glue is right! I’m getting myself out in the sun to at least have some kind of base tan, so that I won’t die from one day on the beach.

    Yah, now’s the time for escaping the cold, and they put out all of the swimsuits.

  4. Perspective Parenting

    I am looking out my window of over 2 feet of snow and LONGING for swimsuit weather! These are the days I need to remember that slathering sunscreen daily is the price you pay for bliss…
    And I’m with you, J Crew makes great and lasting swimwear. Some of my favorite suits I still wear are 8 years old from J Crew and still look great!

  5. Morgan Moss

    I love the cover-up and the huge floppy hat! Not too hip on the concealer that covers tattoos, but I’m a huge tattoo advocate. 😉

    Great post!

  6. TheMomsGroup.com

    I have tried to find a tankini bandeau top with NO luck. They had a really nice one in the Victoria Secret catalog, but now all I can find are the bikini top bandeau’s.):

  7. gina valley

    I love that kaftan. Great colors!
    There is so much variety in swimsuit styles now. There really is something that will work for everyone.


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