The Holiday Table: The One Piece Makeover

 The Holiday Table…


Welcome back to our One Piece Makeover Series!


With all of the hustling and bustling of Christmas/Holiday shopping and preparation, you need that moment that reminds you of what the Holidays are all about…family and home.  

holiday tableThe best way to bring everyone together at home, is to sit down for a meal at a lovely Holiday Table.


Our One Piece Makeover Series is not about a total room re-do-wallet kill, but finding that singular item that you love, and placing it in your room for immediate gratification and style.



When you walk into your room or space, it should have in it the things that just make you feel good!  Over time, you can add more and more singular items, allowing time for budgeting, and then your room shapes and evolves, which is more fun anyway!


The same can be done for the Holiday table setting.


The goal here, will be to focus on items that you can use beyond Thanksgiving or Christmas for you home, etc., so that your singular piece has a long life and higher value that you can work into other table settings throughout the year.


holiday tableThe easiest thing to do for your table’s presentation is the table cloth.  


It brings all of the color you want, protects the underneath surface, softens the touch of the glassware, plates and silverware, and can even replace your extra table runner or chargers.  


The table cloth is a high function, high style item that can be found at your local fabric store with just some hemming tape…no sewing necessary for the easiest how to.  


Choose fabrics that you love for your home, and that you would use for more than just the Holidays…


holiday table


All of these fabrics are very Holiday appropriate, yet very universal.  Your white dishes will go with all of these.  You could also use red, blue or green dishes.


For your wallet, it’s best to go with a table cloth for dishes you already have.  Even an old dingy set of dishes can be spruced up by the eye popping color and pattern underneath.  Even a patterned dish set on pattern can be gorgeous.  Don’t be afraid of that.


holiday tableAnother extremely affordable table accent and something you can use all year is custom table confetti…


holiday table


These paper heart cutouts from Domestic Notions can include your family names, favorite lyrics,  or anything you want.  Such a special and thoughtful touch to your table setting and home.


How to Include Party Favors for Your Holiday Table…

If you want to include party favors at each table setting, a red paper fortune cookie with your custom message to your guests and family is so simple with heart warming impact…


holiday table


holiday tableYour serving dishes can also bring unexpected style to your table.


Like these Buckley Chevron Berry Bowls…


holiday table

Or this Moose Bowl by A. Speer Ceramic Studio…


holiday table


A bit reindeer like, but fun anytime.


holiday tableOther table accents that offer flair and year round function include ArtisEverything coaster sets…


holiday table


And SplendidEvents Burlap Silverware Holders…


holiday table


The red berry sprig is perfect here, but remove it, and use these all of the time.  You could tuck  your napkin into the pocket as well. 


holiday tableThis is a simple sewing project how to if you’re up for it!:  


You simply cut your burlap into long strips, and wide enough to hold your silverware.  


Fold it in half, and tuck down one end for your pocket flap.

Then, sew down the two side edges, about 1/4 inch from the edge, from the top of your flap…voila!  


Tack on the string bow with a small stitch, or before tacking, tie in any other home garden accent you have.


*You could choose any style bow to tack on, and fit into your table decor, tying it all together.

Here’s a great example of going simple, outside of the box and special for your Holiday table setting…

For a little more drama other than burlap, try a chandelier in your room and home.  I know, you’re thinking to yourselves, that’s one fantastic singular piece Courtney, but what about my pocket book?

holiday tableYou can actually get the effect of a beautiful chandelier with a wall decal…


holiday table


Wall Star Graphics does this for only $45, and in many colors. You could also splurge a little on a decal you know you’ll love seeing every year like these Evergreen Tree Snow Branches…


holiday table


Maybe you can’t use this throughout the year, but sometimes you do have to have a little special something for special occasions.


holiday tableMay you all enjoy your Holiday season with your families around the table and at home. Each year, you can share those splendid moments with your growing collection of singular pieces.




17 thoughts on “The Holiday Table: The One Piece Makeover

  1. Christy @ Insanity Is Not An Option

    What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing. We always try to eat at the table as a family for dinner! It’s so important!

  2. Julie

    Loving all the great ideas. I agree having a great tablecloth goes a long way. Thanks for visiting Just Jules.

    Look forward to hearing your progress running.


  3. Kristina

    I really love some of the fabric prints you’ve shown – I’ve always had white table settings and had never thought to use such a “busy” looking cloth to brighten everything up – definitely going to try that!
    Also love the paper hearts and paper fortune cookies – could have lots of fun making those 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kristina 🙂

  4. Kathy

    I always love this segment that you do! It is amazing what one great piece can do to brighten your room and your mood!! I love the fabrics you picked for holiday table clothes, I also love the burlap silverware bags! That would make a great gift for a friend that loves to entertain! As always you give me tons of ideas! Thanks so much! I love my visits here!

  5. Michelle

    I love the paper hearts and the red fortune cookie! The red fortune cookie would be great for Valentine’s as well!

  6. Katya kate

    Thanks for sharing! I love the fortune cookie idea, should be very exciting! Love the confettis too, must add further excitement on the table. Happy holidays!

  7. Spilled Milkshake

    I just love the fabrics! I tend to shy away from tablecloths because I have so many kids, but they’re getting older now – perhaps I should try again. I also love the paper heart cutouts. Those are just adorable! I also really like the coasters and burlap silverware holder. I’ve been seeing some ideas on pinterest for making coasters with modge podge, maybe I should try that!

  8. Sarah

    I love the reindeer bowl and I’m familiar with the designer because they are made in USA! Those serving bowls are sweet too. You can find a bunch of cheap cute tablecloths at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Home Goods. They def do spice up the room!

  9. Grumpy Grateful Mom

    This was the perfect post for me Courtney!

    Decorating is not my strength, but I would love to do a fancier fun table this year for my kids.

    I think the fortune cookies and confetti would be a great idea for us!

  10. Grumpy Grateful Mom

    AND, this was the first post I ever tried to use StumbleUpon with. Though I’m not sure I did it right and I have no StumbleUpon followers. I just though I’d share. 🙂

  11. Grace InAZ

    These ideas are great! Thank you!
    I am blog hopping & following you from Katherine’s Corner. Growing Old With Grace . Hugs, GraceinAZ

  12. Rosey

    The big holiday meal is one of my all-time favorite things to do. You’ve got nice ideas here~ The confetti would be fun to make too!


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