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About Us Page: The ABC’s of Me, Courtney and Betina

About Us Page: The ABC’s of Me, Courtney & Betina & More…

about us page
This is why I love voiceBoks!  Just one of the creative events we all get to participate in, in this exceptional community of bloggers.   If you haven’t joined yet, give it a try.  You’ll find out why…


Here is my ABC’s of Me,Courtney…


A– Age 43.
B– Betina is my younger sister, and I am her older Bossy one.
C– Can play Chopin.
D– Didn’t go to the Prom. Don’t like politicians. Determined always.
E– Eleventy-nine is a made up number I like to use.
F– Forgot to put my gas cap on, and drove away with it on top of my car. It was still there when I pulled into the garage.
G– Good at ping pong.
H– Have strange, sideways pinky toes.
I– In love with my husband.
J– Just can’t get enough of Justified.
K– Köln, Germany…One of my favorite cities, and the Cathedral takes my breath away every time I see it.
L– LaDy LaDuke…my little baby.
M-Mechanic’s assistant to my husband’s car restoration hobby. Mostly hold the drop light…dabble in body work and upholstery.
N– Never go through the day without making my bed.
O– Offer a tasty guacamole and salsa.
P– Performed Flamenco on stage to help get me through college.
Q– Question things often…my favorite is, “Why…?”
R– “Rock Lady”…what the neighbors call me.  My 90 something year old neighbor calls me the “Rock Gal”…I like that.
S– Shark fear!  Saw Jaws at 5, and still have issues.
T– Tall with heels!
U– Underwater…I’m an accomplished swimmer, and extremely comfortable in the water.
V– Volunteer as a weedwacker.  We remove invasive grasses taking over our Desert.  I can handle a pick ax, mind you. Very disturbed by 9/11 still.  I think of the people on the planes and in the buildings at impact, and the ones who had to jump…unbearable.
W– Work ethic.  I got it from my great-great Swedish grandmother, who got on a boat by herself in Hamburg, and made it across the Atlantic, and then walked across America to the West.  Thanks great-great grandma!
X– Ex-wives…I survived!
Y– Yodeling is the coolest.
Z– Zero regrets when I’m on my deathbed!


Now it’s Betina’s turn. Here’s an About Us sample from Betina to get to know us better, running through the ABC’s. Betina is on the left in the photo:


about us


ABC’S Of Me, Betina…..


A – Almost 30. If we’re counting backwards. Ok, I’m 39.
B – Blessed with amazing family surrounding me. Awesome parents, six siblings, my own version of Mr. Darcy, and four funny kids.
C – Courtney is my older sister by four years. I used to steal her clothes until she grew up and I grew out.
D – Dance. I love to turn up the I-pod and dance and sing. The sillier the better.
E – Elections – I vote in every one, even though I can’t stand politicians. I take my right to vote seriously.
F – Fear of cockroaches – a real fear. If I find one, I can’t kill it but I can’t do anything until it is dead. This requires outside help.
G – G-Cup – as in the cup-size of my bra. Yes, it does exist.
H – Hubby is funny and generous and isn’t afraid to join in on the singing and dancing.
I – “It’s good to do hard things” is my motto and something my kids are surely sick of hearing. But I’m gonna keep telling them anyway.
J – Jump. I can jump freakishly high for being so short.
K – Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a guilty pleasure.
L – Laughter. I love to laugh and I inherited a loud, boisterous laugh from my dad. Think Julia Roberts’ laugh, only less feminine.
M – Mexican food is my go-to meal. I could cook it and eat it for every meal, every day.
N – “No” is not in my vocabulary, but needs to be. It’s something I’m working on.
O – Organized. Being organized makes me oh so happy.
P – Pumped for the new Twilight movie. Team Edward all the way.
Q – Quantas-lay-hay. A made-up word from our childhood made-up language, the Ooban-Dooban Language. Synonym: dork or goober. I still use this.
R – Rarely get jealous. It’s not in my nature, thankfully.
S – Swimming. I have always loved to swim and I’m pretty good at it, despite my non-swimmer’s figure. I used to teach swim lessons and plan to again.
T – The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie for so many reasons.
U – Ugly feet. They look like hobbit feet with the same strange, sideways pinky toes that Court has.
V – Volleyball, softball, track, tennis, ping pong. I.LOVE.SPORTS. Love to play them and watch them and I’m pretty decent at them.
W – Won’t break the rules – I am a rule-follower.
X – Xmas is my favorite time of year. I love the traditions, the lights, playing Secret Santa, the music…all of it.
Y – Yes, I’m a sucker for infomercials. When I’m up all night with the baby, that is all that’s on TV and if I had a computer at my bedside we’d be broke. Man, they’re convincing!!
Z – Zero tolerance for whining and complaining.


Personal Favorites List from Our Blog…

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Here are a few favorite movie scenes. Love, love the new version of Pride & Prejudice(even got the music to play on the piano.) This scene is after Elizabeth turns down Darcy’s proposal, and runs into him at his home.  She’s embarrassed, and realizing she does have feelings for him, and he’s still so in love…

We are romantic suckers, and here is another all time favorite from Moulin Rouge. Ewan McGregor has such a voice…

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more About Us! Courtney & Betina~Mommy LaDy Club


26 thoughts on “About Us Page: The ABC’s of Me, Courtney and Betina

  1. Kathy

    I love your list Courtney!! Very impressed you help your husband with the cars. My husband and I can drive one, that’s about it!! Lol! 41, you are a baby!!! Jealous you are tall with heels, even with heels I will never be called tall!! I love reading everyones take on the list, each one is always so different and fits each great lady!! So glad I have gotten to know you thourh voiceBoks!! Take care!!

  2. Laura@Catharsis

    You crack me up. I think my favorites on this list are “Eleventy-Nine” and the pinky thing. I also am still horrified by 9/11. Can’t imagine what was going through the minds of the passengers and office workers. It’s the fear that concerns me, not death. I hate to think of how fearful they were and how that impacted them psychologically and physically. Enjoyed your list!

  3. GJT

    Love the list, Courtney! I, too, like the Eleventy-Nine number. My son had something very similar to that, although now for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. But I love the made up numbers, just like the made-up times. Noon-thirty, anyone?

  4. Mommy LaDy Club

    Kathy, my husband and I are definitely project people. We always have something going. Sometimes, I wish I were short, and then I’d buy the really tall heels!;) It’s so great to know you too:)

    Laura, yes, those moments up to their deaths just get me, and the actual physical pain I’m sure they felt. Especially the ones who jumped, because there had to be such heat and burning pain to do that. It is so disturbing.
    Thanks so much for coming by!

  5. Nikki

    Love you list! Thank goodness my car’s gas cap is attached, otherwise I can see myself driving away with it on top of the car. Amazing that it stayed it on the whole way home!

  6. marisafrank

    This has been one of my favorite events. I really enjoyed reading your list. How cool that you performed Flamenco. I love to watch all styles of dance. I have to say I think your answer for letter Z is my favorite.

  7. Rosann

    Love this! So glad to get to know you better. 🙂 I’m also horribly afraid of sharks, because of the Jaws movies!


  8. Jinnia Low

    Awesome list! Love your energy and how neat you performed Flamenco. It’s incredible that your great-great grandmother walked across America to the West, wow!

  9. Coffee Please!?!

    Awesome! I have yet to get to doing the ABCs of me but LOVED yours!! thanks for sharing!! (the work ethic and grandmom line? LOVED!)

    stopping by from VB. Hope it is a great day!

  10. pamela r

    wonderful tid-bits to get to know you better =)
    I love “E”
    Stopping and connecting with vB(your right the site ROCKS!!!)

  11. Mandi

    Loved, loved, loved it! I’m glad to read your list and know you a little better. 😀

    Eleventy-nine = awesome!

    Strange, sideways pinky toes, huh? My husband passed those on to my daughter, too.

    Koln, Germany! I’ve been there! Well, we drove through it and stopped at the first place we found to eat dinner (just happened to be amazing)!

    Fun stuff!

  12. Golden Butterflyz

    Wow! This is so revealing and I absolutely love it! Wow! This list by far has blown me away. You are an absolutely accomplished woman. I like X the most because you are so honest! Z because that is the way I feel about my life too. Two thumbs up!

  13. Grumpy Grateful Mom

    Interesting to read! Though I’m sad there wasn’t a picture of your mutant pinky toe. I have a shark fear too. Probably good I don’t live by an ocean.


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