The One Piece Makeover: The Dining Table

dining table
The Dining Table…


Welcome back to our One Piece Makeover Series, where we focus on one, singular piece that doesn’t break the budget like a complete room re-do.  Our One Piece Makeover is about finding something you love to place in your room, and that gives you in a single view, immediate gratification and style!  We previously touched on The Living Room and Wall Art, and now we’ll highlight the Dining Room Table…
You maybe haven’t thought of your dining table as a place to decorate, but it can offer such a variety of styles and looks, and what’s even better, is that you can change these quite often with the different seasons or whenever you’d like a little room view lift. 
You might be like I am, and love to collect dishes, or you might just have a basic white set, or something handed down through the family. They usually sit tucked away in the cupboard or cabinet, right?  Well, why not bring them out, to set your table where you can view and enjoy them!  After all, it is a dining table for eating, and the setting alone is home decor at its finest.  Here is one of my favorite settings from Elle Decor magazine, and isn’t it an absolutely gorgeous room!…
dining table
All you had to do is set the table.
Are all of you dying for pink dishes now?
This setting is a very simple combination of pink dishes, yellow roses and silver accents, and you could do this with any color dishes.  If your dining room is in view from another room, you just tied in the pinks and yellows across the room, or any color you’d like to blend and tie together in a space.
A very simple piece to update or change the look of your dining room is just a table cloth.  There are many you can buy already made, but you can also make one yourself with fabric you love.  A basic hem is all you need if you can sew, or try some easy non sewing hemming tape for your edges.
Look at the variety of looks you can create with just a set of white dishes on gorgeous table cloth fabric…
dining table
I selected a variety of fabric patterns I liked as swatches, but you can see that your table cloth looks are endless.


The centerpiece for the dining table is another singular decorating item that can be easily changed to suit your needs and style, whenever you want.  Here is Kelly Wearstler’s fantastically sublime dining room from an old House & Garden Magazine issue, with an older set of china(your handed down set), mixed with an unusual centerpiece view…
dining table
What a delicious combination of modern art in the form of a cherry tree branch, paired with a set of traditional china.  Think of the centerpieces that you might already have in your backyard, and just never knew it.   You could also place any of your favorite art sculptures on their own on your table view.
Really, your dining table is a blank canvas for any of the things you love.  Do you have a collection of vases, vessels or pottery?…make them your centerpiece!…
dining table
Fill them with flowers or plants or fruit, or just group them on their own as your collection sculpture view. A group of different vessels, in the same color have such an impact, but are subtle at the same time.  The placement of each vessel can be your own little art project, varying the heights and shapes, to achieve that perfect look and balance in your room.
Do you have plants or herbs you like to grow, and is your dining table near a window view?  Why not make your dining table centerpiece accessorize and function at the same time…
dining table
These rustic vessels of pottery are sitting outside, but you could place a collection of pots with your plants and herbs just so on your dining table too.  You just need an attractive tray to catch any water excess.  Even without the plants or herbs, this threesome would be handsome and unexpected in the middle of your table view.
I always like to find unique items to display, and these A. Speer Studio handmade stoneware clay animal bowls are just that, plus really fun!…
dining table
These are food safe too, and would make quite the collection on your dining table with some flowers in them, or use them individually or as party servers for your nuts and dips.
Multi function from a room defining singular piece…even better!  
So, get into your cupboards, and take a look in your backyard…you might already have your dining table one piece makeover right under your nose.


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  1. Such great ideas! I haven’t “decorated” my dining room table in years because my wonderful children would always destroy my beautiful creation. Now that they are older, this is something I should definitely do again!

  2. Beautiful ideas! I would love to have a set of white dishes, but none of my sets seem to last long. We just broke ANOTHER bowl this morning.

  3. A good idea for white dishes and replaceable for breaking is a restaurant supply place, if you have one locally. Some of them sell at wholesale prices too.

  4. I love, love the animal bowls!! And the pink dishes are gorgeous! I’m guilty of furnishing our place with IKEA stuff because with a toddler and two dogs it’s hard to justify spending more. But ideas like these are neat ways to spruce up the place in a more unique way!

  5. Sarah,
    IKEA is great actually. Probably some good basic and affordable dishes there, and then add your unique table cloth or centerpiece.

  6. It’s so funny but I always wanted a simple white set of china becasue growing up my mom’s china had a pattern and I never liked that fact that you could not easily switch up the scheme so when I got engaged and married the one thing we registered for was a simple white Lenox china. Funny thing is it spends most of it’s time in my breakfront. This piece makes me want to get it out and go nuts!!! I love this series!! Thanks so much!! Visiting from VoiceBoks nad the members to remember list!!

  7. I am guilty of having lots of dishes stored away, but with five kids in the house and only one eating table, I am content to wait a few more years until I can decorate the table. I loved all of the ideas in this post, especially those adorable animal bowls. Unique dishes are a weakness of mine.

  8. This post was so inspirational – I’m pretty thrifty and haven’t thought about updating my dining room but you’ve given me some great ideas. I’m viisting from VoiceBoks and their members to remember list. Looking forward to reading more.


  9. If I just had HALF the style you do, and HALF the ambition, I’d have one kick ass dining room table. I am so artistically challenged, not to mention lazy. Wanna come to my house anytime soon? You can check out the dining room table if the mood strikes you? 🙂

    Visiting you from vB 🙂

  10. thanks for sharing – there are some great ideas! I will stop by again when I have more time to really check it all out. thanks! When you have a minute stop by and say hi at

  11. Laura, you are funny. I bet you have more creative energy in you than you know. Actually, it would be a blast to come to your home! That will have to be my other life though. At least I can do it here on our blog;)

    Lisa, I’ll be sure to stop by!

  12. My sister made a tablecloth for each month of the year. If it was a holiday month, she focused her table cloth design for the holiday! many of them were dimensional with batting stuffed clouds and things like that.

  13. Thank you Callie and Sell you house!

    Becky Jane, how fun to make a different one every month. Those sound incredible too.

  14. I only decorate my dinning on festive occasions. This reminds me that Thanksgiving is by the corner. Thanks for the idea.

  15. You’ve got such an eye for everything pretty!! I’m oohing and ahhing over the patterns you chose and then my eye catches your etsy listings!! Those are some seriously adorable and chic breastfeeding coverups! Ahh! Love them! The one with the bow and the zipper up red! I hope to be purchasing some of those in the near future! 😉
    I love tableclothes! I have a patterned one on our table now. I wish I had one for every week! 🙂
    Thank you so much for you extremely kind words on my post. So sweet!! Lots of weekend love!