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Business Ideas: To Giveaway or Not To Giveaway?

To Giveaway or Not To Giveaway?


That is the question!


For business ideas, and if you are in small business like we are, I’m sure you get a lot of requests for reviews and giveaways for your products.  So are they beneficial?


giveawayLet’s get into some details, and our personal view…


This is year 5 of Betina’s and my LaDy LaDuke online handmade business, and yes, in years 1 and 2, we did at least 2-3 reviews and giveaways a month of our Feeder Frock Nursing Cover.  At least 60 plus Feeder Frocks fell into the hands of breastfeeding mothers through a giveaway.



More Details 


Let’s say we didn’t send off, and give a Feeder Frock away, and purchased an advertising spot on that particular blog for $10-$20/month instead–a cost of at least $600.  In our view, the giveaway costs are a fraction of that.  Definitely a plus, as costs and control of costs make or break a new business.


Details: When You Give, Do You See More Sales? 

giveawayHave we seen business increase as a result of these reviews and giveaways? Yes.  


It took time, and there were many times they seemed pointless–like when the reviewer just copied and pasted our info and details from our website into their post, and the readers who followed you, and liked you on Facebook would immediately dump you after the giveaway. There’s something about free stuff that changes people…


Details of Benefits


In year 3 we saw direct benefits.  Moms were finding us, and telling us they had a friend using one of our nursing covers, and wanted one too.  And the best benefit in our view, was a Feeder Frock sent to a Mom who had a friend who does The Cute Stuff Sale…




If you haven’t met NiceGirlNotes yet, you are missing out.  She is just so funny and fabulous, and thanks to that one Feeder Frock Nursing Cover we sent, we happened to get invited to her big sale.


Our View in General on Giveaways Before Google Updates


giveawaySo yes, I would say  “To Giveaway” can work if it leads to more growth and connections.  BUT it takes time and efforts, and please read below on more details and our expanded view, because 2013 has brought new changes… 


To Give Your Product, Know the Details of All Rules & Requirements


All Businesses should be aware of the new Google details and requirements for 2013 concerning Link Schemes involving a product review and giveaway.  If not, please read: Mom Bloggers Beware, and How to Strategize.


In light of the new view Google has on this type of giveaway content, and that they will continue to downgrade it, as well as punish sites not following the rules, we have changed our view on how to give and the typical giveaway.


Stick to the Details: View & Weigh Your Options Carefully


Do a giveaway only with top sites with a high GPR, and that understand, and will comply with the rules and requirements.


Very Important Details to Decide to Give


Do a giveaway only if your product you give directly relates to the site’s blog theme, and is not random.

~Courtney & Betina


Business Ideas: To Giveaway or Not To Giveaway?

3 thoughts on “Business Ideas: To Giveaway or Not To Giveaway?

  1. Grace

    I’ve been trying to decide this myself since I’m making necklaces with my hand sculpted green men and faces.
    I have a trusted give away blogger that I’m going to let host a give away for me and see how it goes.
    I enjoyed your post.

  2. Mommy LaDy Club

    Hi Grace! Definitely give it a shot. No matter what, you are getting people to see you, and someone will be wearing your necklace for others to see. Make sure you package it with all of your important info, and give them a nice thank you card to remember you.


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